What is it that you want? After working with thousands of people doing transformational work designed to have them break through their stuff in order for them to have what they want, I have found out what people want. Not just anyone, but everyone, including myself. At any one moment in time, what people want is to feel better. Regardless of whether they feel good or bad, they still want to feel better. For those who are suffering, they desire to get out of their suffering. For those who are laughing, they desire to laugh more and deeper. For whatever condition, situation, or life moment we are living in, we always have the desire to feel better than whatever way we are feeling, even when we feel satisfied, whole, and complete.

For every person, the specific requirements, whether internal or external, that would lead them to feeling better are different. Some desire to be with their soul mate. Others desire to be wealthy. Still others desire to create a specific life circumstance that they want to experience. For some, having a choice career that fulfills their creative talents is what they desire as their means to feeling better. Since everyone’s desires that they believe will lead them to what they really want, feeling better, are different, then it stands to reason that there are an unlimited number of ways that people believe will cause them to do so. Being that that’s true, that means that it isn’t what you do to attain your happiness that is of the utmost importance, because those means are so different for every single person, and there are over six billion of us. So what is important then?

If you think about it, what’s important is what would have you feel better. What is that though, for any one of us individually, with so many billions of choices? What has you feel better is one and one thing only, and it is the most ironic piece of being a human being that I have ever known. What has you feel better isn’t what you do. It isn’t even how you feel about what you are doing in the present moment. What has you feel better is that which began you on the path to the fulfillment of the desire to feel better in the first place. And that would be? It would be your stand for something, and your concomitant commitment that that something is exactly what will make you feel better once you attain it. Only after taking your stand, does the accomplishment of any particular thing, because it was what you said was going to make you feel better, actually make you feel better! In each and every case of your attempts to feel better by either being, doing, or having, something, regardless of what that something was, it was first your decision that that thing was in fact that which was going to make you feel better once you attained it, that was the first cause for your feeling better once you did achieve it.

Now here’s the ironic part. If our basic desire is to feel better, and the choices that you would have to accomplish the attainment of in order to do so, are darn near limitless, due to the first cause impetus of the stand for that truth being so once you did attain your desire, regardless of what it was, then who’s in charge of how you feel anyway? The choice? The attainment? The process itself? No, none of these things. They are all parts of the process, not the initiator of the process. And who would that initiator be? That would be you. Okay, it’s you. But that means that if you are in charge of this whole process, and it’s through your decision that anything you pick has the potential to make you feel better, then isn’t the next step to see in this endlessly played out equation, the fact that it’s you who are in charge of how you feel, up to and including feeling better in any one now moment, and it always has been. And if you have always been in charge, regardless of the means you decided would serve to make you feel better, that would mean that you could also say to yourself, by taking a stand for it, that all it takes to make you feel better right now is . . .nothing.

That’s right! That’s the great irony of being a human being. That you, right now, have the means, the methods, and the absolute power, to completely and utterly fulfill your innermost heart desire to feel better, right now, here and now, and that’s it. Yet how often do we see people doing just this? Feeling great just because they say so, regardless of external circumstances? Not that often, hunh? Why is that? To answer that question, you would have to take a comprehensive look at every single bit of training we all have bought into, up to and including our brainwashing by the evening news, by peers, by authorities who believe they know and we don’t, and by our compulsory educational system which provides an interesting education indeed, all of which come from the ground of being that somehow there is something that you lack, and that until you get it from them, then you are not worthy. Not worthy enough to experience joy, not worthy enough to experience wealth, and not worthy enough to experience the basic Truth: that you are already worthy, period, and always have been. That’s the essential dilemma of our training, all of it; that it is based on a lie. That lie is that you are not worthy, when inherently, for no reason, justification, or explanation, whatsoever in this world, you are worthy right now, and always have been. That’s it, nothing more nor less than that. You are worthy.

What happens now? Now that we realize that we are worthy? All of us. Ah, now comes the interesting part. Now you begin to see that you are in charge of how you feel. Now you begin to act out the truth of your worthiness. Suddenly you realize that only you can make the best life decisions for yourself, not oracles, authorities, horoscopes, or life coaches. Yes, each has its value to reinforce, not force, the decisions you make in your life, for yourself. For your life! One of my favorite lines in any movie I have ever seen is in Mary Poppins when she zips up the stairs after talking with the father of the children she was taking care of, when he was demanding an explanation of what she did with them that day. All she said was “I never explain anything.” Now that, encapsulates this whole article in a nutshell. You are in charge of how you feel, of the most important part of your life there is, and not only that, but you are in charge of what you say makes you feel better, and you always have been! All without having to explain a single thing about your decision to feel better to anyone, anywhere, at any time, whatsoever.

This also means . . . that you already have it within your power to fulfill your strongest desire, that which pulls on every single human being bar none; the desire to feel better. And the best part of this is that you have it within your power to feel better right now, all on your own, for no other reason or explanation in the world, other than you desire to feel better! And the most interesting part of feeling better for no reason and quite without explaining yourself to anyone? All of a sudden the circumstances that do show up in your now joyous life, will become that which you had always wanted anyway. Because in your newly chosen stand for joy, that’s when the perfect life partner shows up, families are healed or created, brilliant avocations are either offered to you, or manifested by you, and so many absolutely synchronistically perfect circumstances drive home to you everything you have always wanted, and more. Much more! Now, again, what was it you said you really wanted? To feel better, regardless of . . .anything? Well, there you go, you can have exactly that and more. And the best part? You can have it all right now! Because you are already worthy, and always have been. You go!

Source by Tom B. Wright