Website promotion marketing works, there are over 50 ways to drive traffic to your site. With almost 2 billion people using the Internet today the web is like a giant ocean where one can be swallow up very easily. Many companies set up websites and spend lots of money on marketing campaigns and find out that they are not getting the results they expected. With the power of the Internet and understanding how to market your company is when you will get the desired results.

Here are 3 tips for website promotion marketing that really work:

1. Article marketing: You want to write several short topical articles around what your consumer wants. By targeting you consumer’s needs, you can establish the desire in your consumer to get more information about your company. At the end of the article there is a resource box where you can write a brief bio of yourself and include your company URL as a link for them to get more info. Then you post your article in one of the many article directories. When someone enters a keyword research based around your article title you article will come up since it is targeted to his or her needs.

2. Video marketing: Using the article you have just written you can now create a short 2-4 minute video. Many marketers have a lot of fun with this. They just create a slide show presentation with music playing in the background while doing a voice over by just reading the article using a web cam. Once again you want to make sure you include a URL within the video so that they can go to your website. This is a powerful tool to drive traffic that is based on a target market. Many consumers respond well to video presentations.

3. Social media: This type of marketing is incredibly powerful but will take time to master. Facebook has almost 550 million members. That is only one of the many social media sites available. What you don’t want is to become known as a spammer. You have to keep in mind that these are “social” sites and are created for people to keep in touch and build relationships. It is powerful marketing because once relationships are created the best lead you can get is a friend referring a friend.

I recommend that you join some forums and do some research on how to put your content together. All this will cost you is time because these are ways to market that are absolutely free.

Source by Thomas Freers