One of the best places to embed your own links is YouTube. Of course, you want them attached to the buzz-worthy video.

First, a question – this is one that seems to plague many people in their niche. Come up with a short tutorial. The focus should be all about them rather than you. Does not waste time introducing yourself for more than just a couple second, after that, plunge right on in.

Make a video like you wished someone made for you when you were just getting started. Make sure to create it in low-resolution (360) and well as the high, that way those that are still using dial or on plans that charge a lot for the megabytes can still see your video.

Now, how do you know what to film about? First, take some time to familiarize yourself with the site. What is popular every day? Create several videos in a series type that have strong titles. Remember, what you call your video will add to your own SEO and also how searchable it is, and not only that – Google prefers series. Your keyword should be included in your title, and your video (this is a huge organic parameter search) that way it can be turned into anchor text that has a natural feeling to it, when you publish every one. Make sure it has a signature “look” – so that you are branding your videos.

Making your Video Go Vital

The subject you choose will be a huge part of whether your videos will go viral…however, even with simplest or driest subject matter (remember – simple is best) one major step you take is making sure that your URL gets “out there.”

Do not simply include it with your uploaded information, but display the URL at the very beginning and the end of the video. Remember, a search engine cannot find a graphic link, but it is another way to be known!

Other strategies are in the places that you promote your videos. You should be linking more than your website, for instance:

– Digg

– Facebook

– Use Twitter links and publicize it

– Your own homepage

– MSN page

– YahooVideo

Make a separate channel for you on YouTube and then create a separate category on your blog for it.

Make sure you are using your videos to thank people that have helped you in some way or contributed to an answer. Do not be shy when it comes to giving praise – people eat this up and in turn they may be more open to promoting your link. Be sure to mention at the end of your video that you are always open to guest comments and posts or interviews. Both of these are terrific opportunities to get your anchored text publicized. Be sure to send out press releases as well, but make sure they are only about the subject at hand, and not about you. Your readers will want to see these and will wonder what is in it for them.

Never ignore the YouTube communities. Make sure to add your video to a subject or community that is relevant and will be appreciated.

Above everything else, your focus should be to help the viewer, not publicize your own URL. Remember, the major benefit will be to increase in popularity and have your web more visible. The more you are in demand, the more you will find people that want to link to the anchor text along with the URLs.

That is the best link building strategy!

Source by Kevin Sinclair