Gold mining has always been a heater for all wealth seekers. The mining of the yellow metal has its roots back as far as the Roman Empire. Nowadays, we are familiar with the gold rushes that occurred at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Film makers used the ‘free for all’ quest to offer masterpieces like “Gold Rush” from 1925.

Somehow, people around the world got used to the idea of the large gold production of the United States. And there is something solid behind this belief. Today, the USA is the second largest gold producer in the world, following South Africa. A part of the domestic gold comes from the processing of base metals, mainly copper. More than 99% of the precious metal comes from thirty mines around the country.

The number one state in a ranking of gold producers is taken, by far, by Nevada. The combined production of the western state represents over 80% of the total production of the United States. Besides Nevada, other states that contribute to the high rank of the country are Montana, California and South Dakota.

Not only the North American country is a global producer, but it has a first place hard to beat. The US has the lowest cost of gold production in the world, with a price of $185/ oz. This time, South Africa is the fourth, outrun by Canada and Australia.

Today, the gold rush is far from being an adventure that would change your life. Gold is an affordable asset that constantly proves to be a reliable currency. Buying gold is a better and comfortable option, than chasing the mirage of wealth around the country or the world.

In changing times like these, investments might be unpredictable. To guard your savings, it is best to choose a stable currency like gold. Bars and coins are easy to purchase and store. Buying gold not only means you get yourself a safe haven. It is also a simple and profitable way to secure you money and have a close control of your gold deposit.

Source by Jack Wogan