With half terms, Easter and bank holidays fast approaching, these would make the ideal times for that perfect spring break. Our choice of top ten spring breaks, from local destinations and to ones further afield, should offer you plenty of inspiration to plan your perfect spring getaway.

Looking for that perfect winter sun, the Canaries can offer you just that. They are one of the most popular winter destinations for those looking for a quick boost of Vitamin D. These islands just off the coast of Africa guarantee warmer weather. With only a 4 ½ hour flight from the UK and many cheap deals on offer you can understand why people visit the Canaries for a short holiday. You can even tailor make your holiday to suit you, so why not start by making your hotel booking online.

When looking at the Maldives they just scream luxury. Looking for that extra special place for a spring break, indulge yourself here. Online hotel booking is easy, and by researching the many resorts, you’ll be able to find the one that suits your needs best. Whether it be a spoiling yourself with a cosy beach hut, or that luxury room on wooden struts over the sea, the choice is yours.

Not many countries offer so many fantastic destinations in one. Italy is one of the most diverse countries offering you cities breaks, to quiet weekends in the country, to a week’s beach holiday. If you want to truly grasp all that Italy has to offer, with its excellent rail network you can easily do a touring holiday. Hotel booking for destinations along your way, allows you to have the adventure you have always dreamed about with the added comfort and security.

Saving for that perfect summer holiday doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the many opportunities that are fast approaching for a spring break. You don’t have to go abroad. With so many lovely destinations on offer in the UK such as the quaint Cotswolds, the magnificent Peak and Lake Districts or the beautiful coastline of Devon and Cornwall you are almost spoilt for choice. Many UK destinations have unique and quirky festivals and events going on, so book hotels at your chosen destination and sample the traditional and lively culture the UK has to offer.

Paris is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world and it is ideal for any length of stay. With many Eurostar deals available, flying to this popular destination is not your only option. Online hotel booking is perfect for this destination as it allows you to choose from many spectacular hotels in the area you most want to visit, and you can read reviews and read up on local information. Make sure you’re not too far from the main attractions as walking around Paris is a must, and you don’t want to be relying on the subway for your whole trip or you’ll miss out on the city’s charms.

Dubai is a must for a spring break. Not only does Dubai provide warm temperatures it also has many other attractions, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival which happens in the early part of the year, Wild Wadi water park and Ski Dubai. Dubai is another location that screams indulgence from the shopping malls to the luxury hotels, hosting the world’s only 7 star hotel. The flight time (at 6 hours from the UK) is perfect for a quick fix of winter sun. Making your hotel booking online allows you to choose the hotel with all the amenities that suit you.

Beating the school holiday boredom is a challenge for any parent. The advice that I have so often heard is be prepared. Come up with activities or trips that not only your children will enjoy but is a treat for the whole family. You don’t need to vacate to the corners of the world to provide your children with something that will entice them. The Republic of Ireland seems to have answers with many beautiful places to visit and explore, why not book hotel now and start planning your Irish adventure.

Orlando is one of the most popular destinations in the state of Florida. Orlando offers many world famous destinations such as Disney World, Universal Studios and many more, all suitable for any age group. When thinking of Florida many people worry about the cost of this trip knowing that theme parks are expensive, but when you make your hotel booking online you can be sure to find a reasonable hotel that allows you to do everything you have been dreaming about.

The Aurora Borealis is a natural and beautiful phenomenon. Many excursions take place around Vancouver offering you the chance to see one of nature’s wonders for yourself. Make your hotel booking online so you can find a well-priced hotel meaning you can afford to do these excursions, as well as the many other attractions Vancouver has to offer.

We all have our own ideas of Las Vegas. We’ve heard the celebrity stories and seen the films, so why not experience it and see for yourself what Las Vegas is really about. This large extravagant city where fun and thrilling adventure are bound to take place offers so much and not just in gambling or shows. With excursions to the Grand Canyon and beyond, visiting the Nevada desert has never seemed so tempting and online hotel booking offers you one of the best ways to get hold of some unbeatable prices.

Making any online hotel booking is easy and you can be sure to book the right hotel to suit your needs. Choosing the perfect destination is the hard part!

Source by Helen Unwin