If you are an affiliate marketer, you are always looking at ways to promote your affiliate products. The top 6 ways to promote your products are email lists, article marketing, video marketing, your blog, Squidoo lenses and signature lines.

If you are promoting affiliate products, you still need a way to build a list. You should create a give away that people must opt-in to your list to receive. This way you can continue to market to them even if they don’t buy the first time. There is research that states that you have to touch someone 6 to 7 times before they buy. If you only send out affiliate links you will not have a way to contact them in the future.

Article marketing is a great free way to market your affiliate products. Your articles should be informative and not just a sales page. You should provide good relevant content in the article. In the resource box, you can include a link to your product.

Lots of people would prefer to watch a video than read an article or a blog post. You can create a video that talks about or demonstrates your affiliate product. You could also turn your article or blog post into a slide show video as well. Make sure you include your URL in the description of the video. Also make sure your video description includes long tail keywords for your product.

If you have your own blog, you can create a blog post about your affiliate product. It could describe the product or give useful information about the product. You could create a Question and Answer format blog post. The good thing about your blog, is that you are not restricted to the rules of the article directories. You can include links throughout your blog post.

Another great way to promote your affiliate product is by creating a Squidoo lens. A Squidoo lens is a page that describes a single topic. They are very simple to create. You do not need to know HTML or be super technical to create a Squidoo lens. The good thing is that they are free to create. You can create a review lens for your product.

A lot of people do not take full advantage of their signature lines. You can create a link to your affiliate product along with a tagline as part of your signature line. This way, every time you write or reply to an email, you are promoting your affiliate product.

As you can see, there are many ways to promote your affiliate products. You should start with a couple of ways first and branch out to the others in the future. There are even more ways to promote your product than were discussed in this article. Be as creative as you can with your promotional techniques.

Source by Adrienne Dupree