What is the ultimate, final, or fundamental internet marketing plan for small businesses…if such there be.

Thousands of small business owners already have lots of internet skills, others are just beginning, and both groups have great ambitions and ideas. So what is the common thread necessary for you and other members of either group to be successful?

It’s the willingness to dig in, realizing that at least in the beginning, money is not your only investment. You must also be prepared to invest many hours of dedicated work to getting your internet marketing plan off the ground.

Have you studied the market? Do you know what your competition is doing? Do you know what your basic objectives are? When you’re sure you can answer yes to these questions, then you’re ready to being making detailed objectives for your internet marketing plan.

First: Decide how many hits per day you want on your site and what you want readers to do when they link onto your site. Do you want them to download information? Buy an item? Do both or do something else? Make sure the answer to that question is evident to your internet visitors.

Second: Identify your marketing focus and your target audience and then determine the keywords for your marketing campaign. Remember that discovering and utilizing keywords on your website are both absolutely essential for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is also important that these keywords be popular everyday words which describe your product and appeal to your audience. What are you selling and to whom?

Third: Is the value of your product equivalent to the selling price? If you are selling a product are you selling it at a reasonable price? If you are selling information, look at the information from the customer’s point of view and ask yourself what the content is worth, either in future earnings or just in the importance and helpfulness of the information itself? Then set a fair price, maybe what you would pay for comparable information.

Fourth: Decide what are the best internet tools to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, and then decide which ones to use and how to integrate them into your plan.

Fifth: Do it…whatever it takes. Set a schedule for yourself to carry out your plan as outlined above and after that – JUST DO IT!

Source by Jemila Williams