Before you can become an affiliate marketer, you have to understand what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate Marketing is simply promoting a product or service for a company through your own blog or website. When you become an affiliate marketer, companies will provide you with links that you place on your site and when visitors coming to your site click on the links, they are directed to the product that you are promoting. If your visitors buy the product, you reap the benefits of earning some cash. Sounds simple, right?

Before you become an affiliate marketer you need to research the product or service that you want to promote. It’s a good idea to promote something that you are familiar with and passionate about. For example, if you like to wake board you could become an affiliate and promote your favorite wake board brand. By now, you already have your blog that you post your latest wake boarding adventures and your falls on the water. Your family and friends love to hear about your stories! Why not become an affiliate marketer and use your existing blog to promote some sales and generate some cash to pay for a new wake board.

This concept sounds like you need a PhD in marketing and a whole array of internet training. This is just simply not the case. In fact, you don’t need a college degree in marketing, in fact, you don’t need a degree at all. Anyone who can maneuver around online and generate a blog can become a successful.

The five easy steps to becoming an affiliate marketer:

1. Choose your product or service

2. Go to Google and type in “affiliates + wake boards” (your brand) EXAMPLE

3. Visit the affiliate site and read the terms and agreement when you join.

4. Ensure your blog/site has good quality content that is going to promote your affiliate program.

5. Update your blog regularly with your affiliates’ latest product promotions, sales, etc.

Affiliate Marketing is rapidly becoming a great source of steady income for those that truly want to be successful in making money online. You always want to read your affiliates’ user agreement and terms of conditions. Ensure that when you use your affiliate links you provide the information according to your affiliates’ rules. Your success as an affiliate marketer is only as great as the content you provide to your readers. After all, you can have the best wake board in the water but if you don’t blog about it and generate an eye-catching story, you won’t be a successful affiliate marketer.

Source by J. Christina