The Princess and the Frog soundtrack, which was composed by Randy Newman, has enjoyed an unanticipated level of popularity since its release. Randy Newman is most well known for his work on other Disney motion picture classics, such as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. The CD retails for approximately $12.98 from major online retailers, like Walmart and Amazon. It features a wide selection of numbers from contemporary artists to songs that feature a distinctive New Orleans flair, such as Dig A Little Deeper. The presence and melding of different musical stylings from Gospel, Blues, Jazz, and Zydeco, will expose your child to a new world of sounds that she did not know existed. In fact, the whole CD can be a pleasurable listening experience for the entire family.

Once of the most exciting features about the CD is that when your child inserts it into their computer, there will be exposed to a whole new area of bonus content. This content includes additional musical selections, behind the scenes looks at the movie, and links to different Princess and the Frog communities online. Overwhelmingly, the Princess and the Frog soundtrack has enjoyed positive reviews from those who have bought, from adults to children. Despite some level of controversy that has surrounded the movie, most individuals are able to agree that the soundtrack is reminiscent of the work of the late great Alan Menken in the early 1990’s.

Unfortunately, the song Never Knew I Needed by Ne-Yo has been criticized as the album’s primary weak point for its overcommercialization and weak sound. On the bright side, Randy Newman’s trademark jazz and blue rhythms are noticeable throughout the rest of the album’s titles.  Many fans of the album are indeed calling the soundtrack a return to the Golden Age of music for the Walt Disney Company. And if you enjoy The Princess and the Frogsoundtrack, then you may also enjoy the unreleased tracks that comprise the Bayou Boogalou CD.

Source by Tanya Nash