Creating a website is a very easy task as there are three main ideas and steps to create your website on the internet. First step is about registering a new domain name for your website, which will be in the form of, Second step is about searching for a good web hosting provider, as you must own your web host space on the internet to upload your website content like files, folders, images and others. Third Step is what is the website content you are going to upload, and this step is divided into two types, first is to upload a web pages that designed using web design programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver, and the second type is design your website using a script, like Forums, blogs and content management software (CMS).

First: Registering a new domain name for your website

There are a lot of companies that provides registering domains, the most popular one the best of them too is Godaddy company, which is a well known company which is trusted by thousands of users that already registered there domain with them. when you are going to buy a new domain you must keep in mind to buy the domain that NOT contain numbers, symboles or special characters like dashes. the more your domain clear the better you will be ranked in search engines. Try also to buy a meaningful domain, Never buy domains like or, maybe it is easy to remember but it very bad for search engines as the first thing search engines spiders read is your domain name that gives you the authority to be ranked will in search engine results. Try to buy a meaningful domain and a small one at the same time, never buy domains longer than three words or 13 character, more than that users will forget your domain name as soon as they close it, so buying meaningful and small domain will be perfect for both ranking well in search engines and easy for your visitors to remember. Remember also extension domain name are the best extension, extension coming after it.

Second: Registering your web hosting space

There are thousands of companies on the internet that provides web hosting services, there is no perfect web host that is good at all its services, there are companies who are famous by their good quality, others for their fast support, others for their low prices, so you can not defined which company is the best at all, but there are top web hosting companies, like Lunarpages, Hostgator, bluehost, powweb, and hostmonster try to buy your web host from any of this companies as they are the best.

when you are going to order your plan, order the plan that satisfy your need, do not order a small plan that may not bear your website or a large plan that will cost you extra money for nothing. If you are going to create a personal website, then the smallest plan will be very suitable for you, as personal websites are very light to the server and did not consume lot of web host space and bandwidth, if your website is a moderate website that getting from 600 to 2000 visitors per day, then buying the advanced shared web hosting is recommended and If your website is getting more than 2000 per day then buying a virtual private server will be the best solution.

Third: What is your website content type?

There are two types of website content, first is to upload web pages that designed using web design programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver, as this method is used if your website is a static website that you do not need to updates its content daily, like school websites, events websites, companies website and any website that do not need to update every day.

The second method is to create your website by installing scripts which allow you to control your posts, pages, categories, images through a back-end called dashboard like WordPress script, which is the most popular script on the internet for blogging, and it is suitable for websites that updated daily, like Press websites, industry news websites, websites for any kind of announcements, educational websites,…etc.

Source by Amro A. Shash