Your conservatory is a very effective heat trap. The sun’s heat is magnified by the glass, especially in the roof, making your conservatory practically unusable in the warmer months.

For many years people have been using rather expensive conservatory roof blinds to help reduce the sun’s dazzling glare. The problem is that although they do help to reduce the glare to some degree meaning reading and watching TV is a little easier they don’t do anything to stop the heat. The reason for this is that there is a small gap between the glass (or polycarbonate) and the blind. This means that the heat has already entered the conservatory before it reaches the blind, this gap then heats up, the blind heats up and then radiates the heat back into the conservatory.

Specialist solar blinds help to solve this problem to some degree but these are especially expensive and although they stop the heat radiating through it still finds its way in through gaps and seams in the material. Whats the alternative. The first is Solar Inserts, these are slightly less expensive than blinds and they do a better job as they stop the suns heat at the source. There are two problems with inserts, they are only available for polycarbonate roofs (not glass) and they fill the inner gaps of the polycarbonate meaning the heat and glare reduction isn’t over the complete surface of the roof.

Whats the alternative…

The best alternative to blinds and inserts is conservatory roof window film. Firstly, the window film is less expensive than blinds and even inserts as well as being more effective at heat reduction, glare reduction and UV reduction, plus it is available for polycarbonate and glass roofs. Reflective window films can be applied to the inside of a glass conservatory roof which still allows clear vision out of the conservatory and will stop 76% of the suns heat and glare and over 98% of harmful UV rays* the main cause of fading of furnishings). Coolkote Window Film is available for polycarbonate roofs and will stop 81.6% of the suns heat, 76% of glare and over 97% of UV rays.

So to sum up you get a product that doesn’t change the appearance of the conservatory too much, stops more of the suns heat, glare and UV, allows vision* out of all for less money than blinds and inserts.

*for glass roofs only

Source by Paul Foster