Sora Aoi, one of Japanese top model, was surprisingly found involving in GTH movie Hormones, which is directed by Dorm director Songyos Sukmakanan.

GTH studio, who is the film maker company, kept the news secretly without revealing any Sora’s movie photos or information. Even in the 15 Feb 2008 press conference, no official news on Aoi role was announced. Fans were very curious when they saw that Sora was involved in Hormones, through the film preview and trailers.

Pidterm yai huajai wawoon (English title Hormones) is divided into four shots, each of which portrays the loves of teenagers, starring by recent Thai pop actors and actresses and of course, our famous Japanese star idol, Aoi.

Aoi plays in a part as a traveller and accidentally bumped into a boy, Hern who is going to celebrate his 3 years anniversary with his girl friend. Hern is a fan of Aoi. Some incidents happened in the middle which in the end both Hern and Sora went to the full moon party together.

Hormones set to become the first major hit in Thailand this year after raking in nearly 40 million baht ($1.2 million) in its first weekend of release.

It is considered a strong opening as Hormones have made $270,000 on the opening day, and the revenue has been stable over the next 3 days. Movies which opening more than $180,000 is considered strong opening in Thailand .

One of the major reason Hormones can make a great impact is because the film itself is a teen comedy with lots of laughters. Another reason is because of the unexpected appearance of Sora Aoi in the film gave a silent but big promotion to the film. Thousands fans have immediately and rapidly spread the news since last Saturday morning, especially in websites and blogs. Within a week, has been linked with around 50 local websites and was hit by over 20,000 visitors

Source by Jr Kavman