The black levels, contrast ratio, motion processing and detail of the Sony Bravia KDL-52V5500 go beyond what you would expect from an LCD TV. Sony has constantly driven the boundaries in taking full advantage of the capabilities of LCD picture quality and this television does as well.

The Sony Bravia KDL-52V5500 is great for Blu-ray and other HD sources. The best Blu-ray experience can be seen on a Sony TV, and this Bravia LCD is no exception. The created picture on this TV possesses amazingly clear detail and brilliant colours. Blu-ray film motion is very high-quality, although not up to the standards of the costlier W5500s which have Sony’s Motion flow 100 hertz motion processing. On dimly lit scenes back lighting sometimes comes through at the corners and mars the picture that has so many excellent qualities.

It is a pity that the screen illumination on this Sony KDL52V5500 TV isn’t more even because if it was then this TV would be ahead of all of its competition at this price point – fortunately this isn’t always apparent. However the sonic and visual performance on standard definition and HD Blu ray sources is still outstanding. Occasionally on a number of images, there is a little bit of edge shimmering however this is barely perceptible unless you are trying to find it.

Even at this surprisingly low price for an LCD television of this quality, this Sony Bravia offers superior sound quality by comparison to other models with its crystal clear sound and deep bass.

The Sony KDL52V55000 has deep, dark blacks combined with super brilliant whites and an outstandingly detailed picture, in particular on Hi Definition sources. It will give you bright, exciting colours as well as great smooth flowing motion. Even though the backlighting is less than desirable, the positives outweigh the negative, and you should definitely consider a purchase.

Source by Myles Y Savage