Social networking is the development of social media sites through web based communities used to communicate, interact, and share information. It is the most significant business development of 2011, topping the resurgence of the U.S. automobile industry. It certainly has made it easier for musician to market their music, but it’s also taking the industry to another level. Social networking has become a major tool because of its easy accessibility and level of privacy. It is also an important tool to promote your website and thereby generate traffic to it.

It can be a great marketing tool but can also be a legal landmine for the unwary. Social media marketing has taken a firmer position within the marketing mix of most companies in one way or another. It will most certainly support and drive your website Search engine optimization. It is the most talked about business marketing platforms today, and it is still in its infancy, but the art is quickly becoming a science.

Social media marketing is important and will continue to gain steam as a means to communicate with your marketplace. Social networks are being used by activists as a means of low-cost grassroots organizing. It is also being used to foster teacher-parent communication. Likewise it is also being used by teachers and students as a communication tool. It is a real boon to both students and teachers.

Social networking is not a new concept. In fact, it’s been around as long as we have. It is more casual than email, the same way more people may text message than call someone. Social networking is set up to completely destroy someone who doesn’t maintain it with quality content. At the moment it is the big deal and is set to get much, much bigger. Social networking is about personalizing the Internet so it works best with individuals making the connections.

It has become a big buzz throughout the internet and that buzz has entered into the guild hosting community. Social networking is a way that helps many people feels as though they belong to a community. It is best defined as the regular interaction of people for some common cause. It can also serve a higher cause than email. Right now is an irreversible mega trend that is increasingly permeating organizational boundaries.

Social networking is also being adopted by Government agencies and it is open generally addresses and specifically to anyone with a address. It is been used a lot for advertising and by some of the big industries as well as some smaller marketer’s. It can itself constitute or lead to criminal activity. It has quickly transformed how people of all ages work, play and shop-and even how we elect presidents.

It is an excellent example of that adage. It has been used as source for group support for those who have illnesses such as alcoholism, and it is also been used as a source of information about individuals and organizations. Social networks are brimming with social interactions and information generated by and about those interactions.

Source by Kenneth Nairne