One of the best site promotion tools is to promote your site only when you have it fully online. This advice may seem like a no brainer, however you can find plenty of sites that list one or more pages as “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction”.

It is estimated that websites have about three seconds to convince web users to stick around. If a consumer hits a page (no matter how cute you create it) that advises them to come back later the effect will be something akin to shock therapy. The consumer will not return to see what ‘good’ things you may have to offer. They will simply find a place that does not lead them to a dead end.

The impression consumers are left with when you use “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” is that you don’t have your act together and are likely not a trustworthy online business.

Promoting your website becomes much easier when you have all your ‘ducks in a row’. Consumers want immediate and full access to your offerings. They may even sign up for free memberships if it allows them to either gain access to knowledge-based articles or provides some sort of freebie.

Site promotion becomes much easier the more thoughtful and articulate you can design your web pages and content. White space is not your enemy. You should give your pages room to breathe without the use of flashing color, busy layout or other design faux pas.

In the end it all comes down to whether you have something that is marketable. Web design really is a vital piece to the promotional puzzle. If your site looks clumsy, incomplete or excessively busy the consumer will not stick around to give you a second chance.

Site promotion tools begin with an eye toward design and function. This is the foundation from which all other promotional tools will spring. Today’s web consumers are sophisticated, discriminating and more demanding than ever.

If consumers are going to entrust their online shopping to you then you must prove yourself trustworthy and competent. Today’s shoppers are less prone to brand loyalty, but may stick with an online store that provides convenience, honesty and doesn’t need to be reminded about outstanding orders. Consumers are just waiting for websites that will live up to the hype of the site promotion tools they use. Consumers have been burned too many times with ecommerce stores that promise the world and deliver ‘Coming Soon’ signs.

Source by Scott Lindsay