Sex with an older, more mature and vastly more experienced woman was one of the best time of my life. I was lucky enough to be seduced by a 42-year old mom and wife who taught me how to please a woman sexually and then to keep her coming back for more.

These days a predatory older woman who preys on younger men for sexual gratification is called a ‘cougar’ and the youngster she is bedding is called the ‘cub’. His sole role is to pleasure her and satisfy her sexual demands. Tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Why Is An Older Woman A Cougar?

In nature, the cougar is a majestic big cat that is elegant, graceful and full of poise. That’s actually a very good description of a woman ‘cougar’ too. I have been servicing older woman and cougars since I was 18 years old and I have always found them to be the best of teachers and companions.

Older woman who are looking for sex with a younger man can be from all walks of life and from all parts of society. There is no set rule that defines a cougar other than that she will b older than the young man who is her cub. In my experience, all of the older women that I had sex with were over 40 whilst I was in my late teens or early twenties. Sometimes called sugar-mommies and these days also known as MILFs.

Older Woman Aren’t Seeking Love, Just Raw Pleasure!

Women become cougars for many reasons but one of the main ones is that she is unsatisfied with her current lover / husband / partner and needs a lover who can sexually drain her.

She is looking for a man who can continually service her sexually and intimately and she wants to be the one in control. Woman are attracted to younger men lovers because typically he can maintain an erection for longer, ejaculate many more times over a sex session, will be stronger and have more stamina. To a sexually starved woman in her sexual prime he is a demi-god! She will worship you, if you’re ever lucky enough to hook up and enjoy sex with an older woman.

For most older women who are enjoying sex with a younger man, there’s not a big issue about becoming pregnant, or supporting her financially or about setting up home with her. She’s not looking for a husband, she’s not after commitment, she’s not even interested in your family or what you do. She just wants to know that when she needs your manly prowess, you’re willing to dive in between her legs.

Real Hands On Teacher

For the cub, the young guy enjoying sex with an older woman, you simply couldn’t find a better sex education teacher… or willing participant! This is real ‘hands on’ teaching. Older women don’t do ‘theory’ or hypothesis or speculation. Horny older women insist on practical lessons involving full on body contact. Often. In one night.

As a cub, you’ll learn what sexual activities she enjoys and where on her body she like these activities to take place. You’ll learn about the erogenous zones on a woman’s body and how to manipulate each together to bring her to an explosive climax. You’ll quickly know how to make her more excited and how to make her orgasm again and again. You’ll be eager to experiment and be innovative. She’ll teach you to create new sex games, new sex positions and use toys, vegetables, fruit… and chocolate. Be bold, be open minded and enjoy the experience.

Become An Irresistible Lover

This knowledge will be invaluable to your future life as a lover. You can put everything that a cougar will teach you to great use with future partners and lovers. Your future girlfriends will be impressed with your sexual prowess and other cougars will love your knowledge and sexual openness.

Knowledge is a powerful instrument… but sexual knowledge has an influential dominance all of its own. When you know that you can satisfy any woman sexually, your confidence levels will sky rocket and your self-esteem will be limitless.

Most guys suffer from self-doubt and insecurity about their sexual prowess and this easily manifests itself when they talk to woman. The woman senses his discomfort, his hesitation, his lack of self-belief, and she’s instantly turned off. Woman love strong, confident men. And there is no man more confident than the one who KNOWS he can satisfy her sexual needs.

Source by Anjub Kane