It is the quality of content you write for any real estate firm complemented with search engine optimization tools that determines a required ranking for the online presence of any real estate firm.

Heaping on my experience as a SEO real estate content writer, the crux of my job is ultimately to drive traffic to the website of the real estate agent firm I am working for through content writing. By utilizing good SEO practices and encouraging the site visitors to contact and employ the services of the real estate firm I also fulfill my urge to write. Mind the word ‘write’. I write to fulfill my urge and not to bombard all the keywords which although would technically give a higher rank but would be fit enough to be a piece of promotional recycle bin stuff.

After all, who reads those useless SMSes which fills your mobile inbox with promotional unwanted real estate messages? Being a content writer… you ought to be genuine and being a SEO you ought to be truthful. There is a balance between the two. You have to first be clear that you are not writing for search engines, bots or spiders.

Before I write for any real estate topic, I first study all the parameters affecting the end users and present before them the actual feel of living in that particular area, express any concern which needs to be highlighted and side by side provide all the details. Once I am done with giving the readers the feel of experiencing the living it is then that I optimize. The order should always be like that and never vice-versa.

Claiming your internet territory can be quite simple if you are an avid writer with the knowledge of SEO tools.

Here are few helpful tips which shall enhance your capability to be one:

Search what people are searching: Keywords

Carefully choose your keywords for they are the most important part of optimizing your content. If your keyword matches what the users are searching for then you have done your job well. Doing a keyword analysis by utilizing a keyword research tool shall boost the content visibility by combining less competitive long tails and broader keyword phrases to reach your desired target.

Keyword density

Give a big NO to stuffing your write-up with keywords. Remember, it is always the content which should make sense and not the keywords. 98% should be your original content and give a mere 2% footage to your keywords. Maintain that strictly.

Descriptive title

Apart from giving a title to the write-up you must give a general related description about the article you are posting.

Spread it in points

Including pointers, bullets or numbering in your write-up helps convey your message clearly.

Hit the bulls eye: Geo-target

You should know where your target readers are. The focus of your website can be anything, be it on luxury apartment, first-time home buyers, REO bank owned properties, flat rate pricing, newly constructed homes, commercial property, seller listings, investment property etc.. For example, if the keyword ‘luxury apartment in Gurgaon’ is highly searched, then it becomes must for a SEO to geo-target Gurgaon as the specific target area. It is also necessary for the content to be fresh and informative side by side. Geo-targeting gives your website the area topic authority thus, bringing more focused traffic for a higher conversion rate.

Use Twitter card

It is the most trending brand development strategy in Twitter. It provides various types of cards options like summary, product, photo, summary large image, app and gallery. Then there is also lead generation card. This one is also beneficial for new set-ups wherein the tweeted pages get indexed by the search engines.

Add media related files

Adding media related things like videos or images enhances the visibility. Infographics is another trending tool which is popular with the SEOs. A huge chunk of information is conveyed in an easy manner through pictorial plus content representation.

It is a sudden upsurge with the advent of online marketing that has led the rise of content being marketed at a higher rate. Otherwise, who would have considered paying you for writing your own scramble of thoughts? After all, it is your own itch which you want to be scrapped and getting paid for it was never ever thought of!

Content writing has eventually become a vast field and this vastness has been possible only due to the advent of technology. It is the digitalization of content which has changed the destiny of perceiving it as a savior for brands who are looking forward to upsurge or even a signature statement that supports the image of any organization. After all, it is the technology that manufactures both a pen and a sword, but the ultimate empowerment went to the pen.

Source by Sumit Kumar Das