Lets Jump Straight in..

Your Reading this because you want more traffic to your site or your just starting out and want to know what your in for.

Internet marketing promotion isn’t for the faint hearted

First things first. Set your end goal. What is it that you really want your site to create and/or deliver in the long term.

Once you have your Outcome go to your favourite keyword tool and check searches and remember to check competition for your chosen market. The competition determines the amount of time and effort you’ll need to dominate your chosen markets( niche).

Next do a Google search and check out the top ten sites. What they’re doing and there strategies.

Once you know what your competition is doing you can do it better. You can do this by following the basics and growing your knowledge.

Two types of marketing

On page SEO optimisation and off page SEO optimisation. Both are extremely important to list highly in search engines and drive lots of new clients to your site(known as Unique visitors).

On page SEO optimisation is generally the way the html code, is presented so search engines can easily find out what your site is about and list it for the right keywords. Most important is the “title tag” the “description” tag and the “keyword” tags. There is plenty of meta tags that you can add and the jury is still out on the effectiveness of these.

Off page SEO optimisation consists of connecting your site to other sites around the net. There’s heaps of ways to do this.

Bookmarking is popular. This is where people join bookmarking websites and share their favourite sites. This is great for web site optimisation. An online marketing agency will use this as a beginning phase to test the market and strength of your niche.

Bookmarking sites allow you to add tags to help identify the real meaning of your site and drive even more traffic to your site.

Creating Backlinks ( other web sites referring your products and services to their clients) is an important part of internet marketing promotion. Not only does it help you to rank highly in the search engine listings but gives you the opportunity to give your website the promotion it needs to drive quality prospects to you.

Article marketing is another great way internet marketing agency ‘s use for website promotion in Australia. Australians are always fun to work with. There are many places to post your articles to. Its a great idea to add lots of articles to your own site. Google loves new content.

This is one of the most effective ways as it can build an image for you. Write what you know about and post it to a reputable article site such as EzineArticles.

Press Releases can be a bit more difficult to do, but the results are phenomenal. Internet marketing agencies Australia swear by this method. It drives traffic to your site quickly and effectively. Every time you launch a new product ensure you do a press release.

You’ll love the results.

There’s a free link directory here at free 4 u to start your linking journey.

To add another stream of income to your site you can do affiliate marketing and promote your website with multiple products that are in a similar market to yours. Increases your product range instantly. More affiliate marketing tips here.

Internet marketing promotion can be time consuming.

If you own your own business and at this stage are not sure about the net and how to do web site optimisation. You may need to ask yourself a question. How is my time spent best… learning internet marketing promotion or directing an online marketing agency for best results.

You Decide. Do what you know best and outsource the rest.

Source by Cynthia Kerry