If you are looking for the best content base marketing solution that can easily popularize your website, help you position yourself as a key person on your chosen niche, draw quality traffic to your website, and augment your sales and profits, article marketing is perfect for you. This product promotional and marketing tool doesn’t require you to shell out your money to get the benefits I have mentioned earlier. You just have to produce well-written and useful articles and distribute them to publishing sites to boost the number of your inbound links and share a slice of your expertise to online users.

Here are the 4 comprehensive methods to breakthrough with article marketing:

1. Establish your objective for each article. Before you start pounding on your key board, determine the purpose that your articles will serve. Are you writing them to convince online users to sign-up to your email marketing list, drive them to make a purchase, or you simply want to augment your page views? Your objectives can tremendously help you determining the type of information you will include in your articles and the tone that you will use so your writing will be highly targeted and well-guided.

2. Perform a keyword research. To increase the chances of your articles being opened and read, they must contain the information that your potential clients are looking for. Download a keyword suggestion tool to identify the keywords that are usually being used by your target market when they are looking for specific information online. Then, create articles that target these keywords so you can effectively address the needs of online users for particular information.

3. Use interesting titles. If you want to easily improve your clickthrough rate and increase you chances of succeeding in this marketing technique, you need to device an effective strategy that can easily get online users to open your articles the moment they see their titles on search page results. This can easily be done by using headlines that are truly thought-provoking, attention-grabbing, intriguing, and well-written.

4. Offer unique content. Copying somebody else’s work is a big no-no in article marketing. It can pose a great threat against your strategies as you will face the consequences of losing the trust of your potential clients and getting penalized by various search engines.

Source by Sean Mize