TeleSeminar Marketing is a great way to increase your sales and profits, especially during economic slumps. While that is easy to say, now I’m going to prove it to you by identifying and explaining the top 3 benefits of adding TeleSeminar Marketing to your marketing mix.

Top 3 Benefits of TeleSeminar Marketing

While there are many, many advantages of TeleSeminar Marketing, here are the top 3 in my experience:

TeleSeminar Marketing Benefit #1 – One to Many – The traditional model of marketing and sales is the one to one model. One person sits down with or gets on the phone with one other person to try to market to them and make a sale.

It’s truly amazing to me how so many people still follow the one to one model, even online. The one to many model is simple more efficient and reaches for people in the same amount of time.

When you hold a teleseminar, you are the one and your audience is the many. Would you rather reach one person at a time and make one sale or reach many people at one time and make many sales?

TeleSeminar Marketing Benefit #2 – The Spoken Word – Have you ever had writer’s block? You know, that fun frustrated feeling you get when staring at a blank computer screen, all the while knowing that you have to and want to write something, yet you don’t seem to be able to write a word.

We’ve all been there.

Yet have you ever had speaker’s block? Unlikely, isn’t it? So why not write with your mouth instead of your hands? Speak your content live, then have it transcribed and repurposed.

This one distinction can help you shift from a blocked perfectionist into a prolific content creator.

TeleSeminar Marketing Benefit #3 – Marketing Intimacy – This is one of my favorite benefits. Think about it with me for just a moment. When someone visits your web page studies show that they are often there for less than a minute, if that long. When someone is listening to the sound of your voice on a teleseminar, you have their attention for 30, 45, 60 minutes or more.

This is true marketing intimacy, and out distances any other form of online marketing for true marketing intimacy.

Bonus Tip: Ask teleseminar attendees to respond to a question on your Facebook Fan Page, and you have now entered into a dialogue, which further increases your marketing intimacy.

Source by Alex Mandossian