Toys as far as the eye can see, you can see different toys at the markets. Thousands upon thousands of gifts. You are probably up to your ears in year-end shopping for your little kid or some other boy or girl on your list of shopping. You may not realize what is the most popular toy right now. But this can easily be fixed by one new film that has been showing in theaters. Planet 51, which is a great movie for kids to watch, has had multiple Planet 51 toys that have been issued already, and there is more to come.

The Planet 51 movie opens like most of the 1950 ‘s era science fiction motion pictures. You see a boy and girl alien from the Planet 51 sitting in a drive in viewing a film, when all of a sudden an alien appears. This stranger is known by the Planet 51 occupants as the Humaniacs and its mission is to goal the life on Planet 51 or to transform the Planet 51 people into zombies. The humaniac stalks the Planet 51 boy and girl and leads you to think it either think them or think them into zombies. At the height of this scene of the Planet 51 movie you realize that what you are actually watching on screen is a movie and a little boy is sitting in the cinema watching it, until his mother pulls him out of the theater.

Then the true Planet 51 movie carries on and we then meet Lem, a gangly teen who finally just found the occupation of his dreams at the museum. Lem gets an assistant curator job and the entire village goes about applauding the boy. Lem then finds the woman of his fantasies Nessa. Nessa is the world to Lem and he has yearned for her for a years. Lem now has increased assurance with his job so he wants to ask her out but her very hippy buddy keeps getting in the way of her. Lem gives up and leaves.

Later on that day the inhabitants of Planet 51 hear a booming sound. Lem, as most people come from Planet 51 out from their houses. Lem sees a strange rocket, which they refer to as a flying saucer, ming down and land land on Planet 51. It lands and out strides Chuck the spaceman (from Earth, you can tell, because he appears quite human). The Cosmonaut is unaware that the Planet 51 residents are there behind him. Chuck steps off his lunar module and after placing the flag on Planet 51 soil planting on a rubber ducky. The Cosmonaut unknowing of know Planet 51 has life on it. He surveys the Planet 51 inhabitants and screams. Chuck rushes around and hides. During one part Chuck is trying to run away and falls and behind him you see the moon. The Cosmonaut goes up over the moon. This is an acknowledgement of the film ET the extraterrestrial. Chuck goes under cover and then the military shows up up checking out Chuck ‘s rocket. The military is commanded by General Grawl who does not want any Martians to come to his Planet 51 and he has no want to be transformed into a zombie.

General Grawl sets up his military an the Military ATV ‘s around the space craft and decides to set base. Lem ‘s residence is his decision. There is only one dilemma, Lem has now made buddies with the Cosmonaut agreeing to cover him. Chuck and Lem had walked into each other at the museum and frightened one another half to death. Chuck made Lem feel bad for him so Lem opted to assist Chuck. When they learn that General Grawl is going to set up his base at Lem ‘s house the Cosmonaut and Lem get away, barely from the soldiers with their Military ATV ‘s. Chuck and Lem with the assistance of from Rover and two zombie soldiers hide|cover|conceal Chuck in the comic book market. They decide to use the media to prove the Cosmonaut is not a zombie driven, Planet 51 inhabitant eater or a freak. Lem leaves to find the media but while he is away Chuck quotes lines from Star Wars and Terminator. The Cosmonaut is watched by the newsman who films and plays this story all over Planet 51, terrifying the residents even more.

Chuck and Lem eventually escape from this problem and later on that night at a costume party everything is going wonderfully. Everyone opts to dress up as Chuck the astronaut. What a best time for Chuck to flee to his rocket and ship Planet 51. It of course space craft. Chuck is seen being a bit taller than the other aliens and his Flag on the side of his costume is a dead giveaway that sets out the Cosmonaut clearly from the Planet 51 habitants. General Grawl along with the professor trail them with the Military ATVs and eventually catch Chuck and Lem. Lem is allowed to to go while Chuck and Rover are detained somewhere else. You then see military ATV ‘s coming to try to move the Rocket of Chuck ‘s. General Grawl says that the flying saucer will be transported with the Military ATV and held at an undisclosed place hidden on Planet 51. You soon enough learn about Base 9 which is a secret base.

Lem chooses that he ‘s not going to help the Cosmonaut at first but then he changes his mind. He and the rest of the group including Nessa and her groovy hippy friend all come to aid Chuck. Lem and buddies are successful in rescuing Chuck and getting him back to his spaceship. When leaving Base 9 starts to explode and the Cosmonaut goes back to revisits General Grawl. This changes General Grawl ‘s thoughts about Chuck. He takes them all back to their Planet 51 and Chuck belief home. It is then shown that the Cosmonaut has a stowaway dog from Planet 51 aboard. Makes you wonder what Chuck does when he discovers the dog.

This Planet 51 is great, and with this delightful motion picture what better way to celebrate it than to get some of the Planet 51 movie toys that come out with this funny film. Your boy or girl will adore these Planet 51 movie toys. You can do a search online for Planet 51 toys and discover several to select from. One popular toy you can find is the Mini Military ATV. This Planet 51 toy is sure to make any child happy and add hours of enjoyment to any kid’s home.

These Mini Military ATV ‘s will add hours of fun for your boy or girl and allow them to remake many fun scenes. Like the Planet 51 movie scene where the Military ATV ‘s roll up the initial time to see the Cosmonaut ‘s ship or the time when they go to steal it. Your come can also have their Military ATV to go on fun journeys.

You can do also online and look for other Planet 51 toys, like the 3 inch figures Chuck, Lem, the Mini Bump & Go Rover and the 3 inch soldier figurines. These toy soldiers are precise copies of the aliens of Planet 51. Then, as stated previously, you may select to add the mini vehicle figure 2-pack Military truck & tank toy. The military tank and truck toys are very well crafted and very sturdy. The toys look just like the ones that are used in the Planet 51 movie. Remember when searching that the Planet 51 toys are very new and can be quite hard to find, and may be even out of stock already, but once you discover one you should find them all. As you may already have guessed, one Planet 51 toys will not suffice for your child, and you may need to add a few more Planet 51 movie toys to start the collection. His/Her Birthday may be close too and you will already have an inkling on what toy to buy, Guess what? Another few Planet 51 movie toys!

These toys are very educational Planet 51 toys and will add hours of fun for your kid. Have a good time playing with the new Planet 51 toys.

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Source by Andre Klein