Never thought watching a movie can be such a painful experience. Dead film which should not have been made in the first place.

Suspicion and horror are two unrelated different subjects. But you’ll hear creepy music being played while our actors snoop on their partners. The atmosphere created in the beginning is such we feel like an accident or a murder is going to take place but we only see cheating spouses.

Music is one major factor which makes watching this film a struggle. Full length ghazal tracks have been played that does not suit any moment.

In one scene, we see the protagonists feeling emotional about their situation and in the next scene you’ll see them making out. Never saw that coming, but I felt like running from the theater because silliness is unbearable.

Surprisingly after 40 minutes into this movie, they realize whatsoever is happening, is wrong and something must be done about it. There are dumb conversations, mindless activities, moving here and there, getting ready, absolutely no plot.

Its funny that only after sex they do some conclusive talk and the very next day they act like meeting for the first time.

Camera work is school stuff, it feels like this a project or something, the kind of stuff you see on YouTube. Shaking of the camera is excessive, its clear that no special equipment was used in filming, rather a person following the actors on foot with the handycam.

Performances are childish especially from Aruna Shields. She is acting like an 8 yr old who has lost her friend and don’t know what to do. Prashant Narayanan is blank most of the time. No expressions, emotions, nothing. There is no such thing an ‘actor’ in this film.

Except the sweet nature of Aruna and her lovely voice (maybe nude scenes too) there is nothing else to appreciate. The more bad you say about this movie is less. If you enjoy watching Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta then its safe to say, nothing bores you.

Surviving this film is a tough task. It would be rare to find lovers of such kind of cinema.

Source by Vikram Gill