We have all seen them, the coolest martial arts moves in the newest martial arts movie, leaned over the person we were watching the movie with and said, “I want to do that! That is awesome!” It is amazing how inspired we get when we see things that actors, and some martial artists can do on the big screen and they make it look so easy, that we think we can just exit the movie theater and be a black belt in Kung Fu. That is never the case, unless someone is already in training with a martial arts master. Actors like Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee were martial artist experts before beginning their acting career, so that proves that even the most proficient and trained martial artist can die if a stunt goes wrong.

There are several reasons to train in the martial arts fields, though. One of these reasons is the exercise and fitness it provides. There are a wide range of techniques to train in, many students only one or two disciplines because the branches of this sport are vast and change quite a bit. Because there are so many different techniques, one will never be bored with learning how the sport works. The concept of disciplining the mind has a mental muscle to help control the actions and power behind the punches and kicks is taught constantly in martial arts. The terminology of the attacks are used, along with how the attack is coordinated with the body, so that the student will be able to recall this information when it is needed during a match. The actions of sparring with a partner are utilized to show the student how another human reacts to their attack. It also gives the student the idea of what a fight will be like when they get struck back. This allows the student to understand how easy it is to hurt someone and get hurt by someone in a fight, whether it is regulated or a street fight. Martial arts also teach ways to stay out of fights and how to avoid street fights.

Confidence also comes with knowing martial arts, as students are consistently pushed to try harder in a positive way. They are instructed to aim better, both the punches and the kicks, so that they have maximum affect. A positive attitude is important because the student will get hurt at some point, so instead of getting upset about missing a punch, and leaving oneself open for a counter hit, learn from it and move on. The student must be willing and able to give their master and their training all their best shots, and work as hard as possible, even when they are ill or sore.

Actors like Steven Segal and Jackie Chan bring the martial arts into the public’s view time and again with their movies, or with their television shows. Mr. Chan has been a powerful force for promoting the usefulness and positive aspects of martial arts within his own life. Deputy Chief Segal has decided to not only make martial arts films, but also use that information on a police force in Louisiana and has done so successfully for 20 years. He even has taught his deputies some holds to help them when they are in the field and they cannot get their weapons.

Source by Ethan D Orman