Some network marketers wonder if article marketing is beneficial to their business considering the consistent effort required to generate original content and reach a solid readership. The absolute answer is yes. incorporating articles into your MLM marketing strategies is a great opportunity to initiate lead generation and create interest online.For many reasons mlm article marketing is a great internet practice primarily because it is free to write articles and free to submit to most internet article directories. There are no article marketing secrets beyond learning the necessary steps to conduct keyword research and focus on relevant content for success article marketing campaigns. As a component of your MLM marketing strategies, utilizing articles is very targeted as you can reach out to a specific audience interested in your product or service within your niche’

As soon as you begin submitting your articles to the many free online directories your MLM or network marketing business will start to see a boost in traffic. Providing that you are offering solid content and providing readable and interesting articles, people will start to visit your site as your articles get published. Most likely these interested readers also become targeted leads through your MLM article marketing efforts. Also articles tend to rank high for longer periods of time and revisions to published versions can be easily made allowing for additional information to be weaved into an already existing article then resubmitted as a new article.

Your articles need to be informative and you want your readers craving to find out more. You want to lead them to your website where all of your information is available and all of your resources and products or services can be revealed. This is where a well constructed author box or resource box at the bottom of your articles is so important. Think of it like this, your article itself is informative and content driven giving your readers a taste of what you can provide them. It is your give to the readers. Your author resource box, located at the bottom of the article posting, is your opportunity to receive. This is a branding opportunity where your website and critical links back to you are available to the readers.

Using this key strategy also provides marketers with the opportunity to create back links to their websites. The more back links you create the more relevance you are building with search engines and improving your ranking among the organic or non-advertised listings. These back links also remain relevant for long periods of time as article postings are often more immediately indexed by search engines as well. Blogs for example that post articles will rank much quicker in search engines than a general sales website for instance.

Posting your articles also means that the author must select pertinent keywords to be submitted with the article content to the directories. This allows your article to be easily found and targeted by interested readers. In other words a reader interested in starting a home business is not likely to search for an article about heart disease or pet grooming. In this sense your MLM article marketing should be topical and those reading it have a specific interest in that topic which is the best form of target marketing. So when your targeted keywords are entered into a search engine, your article may come up on the first or second page for that keyword leading targeted readers to possibly view your article.

Compound this with the fact that your article can be submitted to multiple directories. Each directory represents a back link to your website thus adding to your article popularity. With good keyword research behind your article and good keyword distribution throughout your article, you will then have a chance to be recognized at a higher rank among the search engines. Ultimately, your goal is to generate article marketing leads by providing good relevant content that provides answers and important information to your readers leading them to your website and network marketing opportunity.

Source by Tom Metscher