First, let me define what marketing strategy is. It is a “big picture” of what a business will do in a specific market. A marketing planning is more than just assembling the 4Ps of Marketing, which are Product, Place, Price, and Promotion.

Product is the need-satisfying offering of a company. Marketing goods and services available in the right quantities and locations when customers what them is Place. While Price is the amount of money charged for a product or service. Lastly, Promotion is the communicating information between seller and potential buyer or others in the channel to influence attitudes and behavior.

In this article, I will show you a very effective and cheap marketing strategy that you can use for your business.


Joining for free at Social Networking Sites


Follow those who are relevant to your business. Learn from them and you can even ask for their expert advice regarding your business. Also, in order for you to gain followers, do not just focus on your business. Make tweets that are relevant and interesting, like for example a very good book or article that you’ve read that can be really useful. Try to reach out and help others as well. This way, you’re helping others and helping your business create awareness too.


With Facebook, you can frequently update your status by letting your contacts know the latest and interesting happenings in your life and your business. If you have an upcoming event, post and invite them there. More so, upload pictures for them to see how your business is doing and what you can do for them.

There are also Facebook applications that you can use and take advantage of. Six Degrees can be used as a visual layout of your friends and how they’re interconnected. You can use this to see who can be helpful to you and potential business contacts.

Creating a fan page for Facebook can be really useful. Once a contact becomes a fan, his/her contacts will see it and that will increase awareness for your business. It can make their other fans become your fan as well.

I would also suggest, if you have the budget, to advertise with Facebook ads. It will reach your exact audience and connect real customers to your business at an inexpensive price.


Join relevant groups and answer questions in areas where you have expertise This will help you increase your visibility, credibility and will help build trust.

Blog/Company Newsletter

Usually, Blogging and Company Newsletters are being used as one nowadays. It will help you connect with your clients and potential clients. There are free blogging websites out there, but you can use your own website also. It is a reflection of your business so you have to make sure to entertain your readers. Create useful content and don’t be self-centered. Think of helpful topics that will resonate with the readers. Give them advise and tips on what they can do for their business and how it apply to your business. If you decide to use a standard blogging site, the best one is wordpress.

To attract more readers, you can also give them something. For example, if a contact subscribes or sign up to your company newsletter they will get a free sample of your product or service.

Other things you can do are:

  • Free birthday treat
  • Associate Program (commission based)
  • Gift Certificate/Coupons
  • Free Shipping using codes
  • Free Download
  • Free Workshop
  • Discounts or buy 1 take 1

And the list goes on. This is a very good marketing strategy and advertising at an inexpensive price. You can freely choose what will fit your business industry.

At this time, small business can also create awareness like the big players out there. Almost everyone is into Twitter and Facebook, so why not join the hype? It’s free anyway. These days, we just have to be wise and use our resources wisely.

Source by Luann Allen