For years Sky Blu and Red Foo, two DJs in LA, have been working in the Los Angeles clubs. Although these two have a long history of playing tunes, they may have seemed an unlikely pair to start actually performing tunes themselves, but in the past couple years they have proved otherwise.

Back in 2007 the two made an appearance at the Winter Music Conference in Miami and it’s all been uphill from there. Sky Blu and Red Foo, who are the two that make up the band know as LMFAO, have since been signed by Interscope records. Their first official EP was released in 2008 – Party Rock EP. Currently in 2009 they have just released, again under Interscope records, their Debut Album called LMFAO LA LA LA.

LMFAO’s music style is a mix of electronic and hip hop, which some are calling “electro-hop,” giving the music an eclectic feel and sound. Sky Blu and Red Foo have enjoyed getting this new style of music out there, which included doing an American tour before they even released their debut album this year. Their first hit single was actually inspired by their time at the Winter Music Conference, which took place in Miami.

Music boundaries are definitely pushed by the artists of LMFAO. However, it’s not only the music that is attracting fans to this group. The personalities of the two members, Sky Blu and Red Foo, have been a huge part of the draw. Their fun and easy going nature have brought on a huge following.

LMFAO has developed a large MySpace following, with their own page and thousands of friends on their list. Many videos of their music and even funny personality videos of the band can be found on YouTube as well. In fact, in the beginning their first song was actually banned by YouTube for content that was inappropriate. After that incident the popularity of LMFAO has only gone up.

Currently LMFAO is touring throughout May and June 2009. One scheduled appearance is at the 2nd Anniversary of DList Magazine, which is taking place in Seattle. They will be performing at the anniversary party along with Samantha Ronson and several other guest performers.

Although LMFAO is a fairly new band, they don’t show any signs of fizzling out the way some have in the past. They have a good following, and continue to acquire new fans as they tour and expose more and more people to their unique brand of music.

Source by Nick Lambert