Sure I can tell you fellow rockers where you can get Led Zeppelin’s Complete Studio Recordings at a great price. But before I do, I thought you might like to join me in a bit of Zep nostalgia.

These studio recordings are only made possible by the fact that Zeppelin have had a hugely successful musical career and the demand for such a product would have been immense. Because of this, it made me think of the following.

Have you ever seen the movie The Time Machine with Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux? This guy built a time machine which could transport him back to the past or forward in to the future. Now I have no particular desire to see what’s happening in the world in fifty years time but I do carry a yearning to return to certain specific events which have already taken place. Do you know where I’d go? It would have to be Led Zeppelin’s first tour of the States in January 1969.

Yes, I know, some of the younger generation of rock fans are probably laughing their socks off at the sight of all those flower power hippies experimenting with free love and looking like they hadn’t combed their hair for six months. But that was the fashion that we followed and I often wish that long hair would make a return (not that I can grow mine anymore).

Anyway, back to 1969, Zep had been conceived a few months earlier and performed their first tour in Scandinavia. It still makes me laugh when I see the video footage of one of those Scandinavian gigs – where the audience sat on the floor, cross-legged, politely applauding when the band had finished one of their songs. How different this must have been compared to the Fillmore West gig in San Francisco in January ’69. I wasn’t there myself but I sure enough would love to travel back in my time machine with Yvette Mimieux as my rock chick girlfriend, to catch a glimpse of, what would ultimately become, the birth of rock music.

According to Jimmy Page, that San Francisco gig was when he knew that Led Zeppelin “had arrived”.  Boy that must have been some show. I wonder how many readers of this article actually attended the Fillmore West that night? I’ll bet you’ve got some great memories!

My, or rather our (I nearly forgot Yvette) journey in the time machine would then continue with the US tour, taking in the likes of San Diego, Boston, New York, Chicago and Miami.

Almost two whole months travelling through time to witness the dawn of an epic journey, made by (and nobody knew this then) the world’s greatest and most influential rock band ever.

Thanks for the companionship Weena! (watch the film).

Source by Jack Mortimer