Kimotect is a film that provides protection for those users who make use of the PCB art work. Kimotect has been created using state of the technology for the purpose of replicating the thin lines produced by a circuit pattern. The Kimoto film has an ultra thin film base and offers exceptional transmission.

It has been created by Kimoto which was established over 50 years ago and initially produced aerial films but soon diversified and started offering graphic services as well. These services are essential for cameras that make use of large plates. Apart from that, they also offer coated and paper film products that are extensively used in the field of drafting and architectonics.

After the year 2000, the Kimoto film gained immense popularity which lead to the success of Kimotect. It gained recognition in a number of fields including the electric industry.

The Kimoto film is perfect for dry film resistance required for good quality photographs. The surface of the Kimoto film has been coated with a treatment that goes by the name of ‘antistatic’ which makes sure that dirt and dust is kept away. This ensures the quality of the photographs is clear and does not cause obstructions with respect to easy viewing.

Another matt type film is also available for purchase which ensures that the user can hold the photographs without leaving fingerprints on the surface. This also makes sure that the vacuuming time is reduced considerably.  

Another great feature of the Kimoto film is that it ensures easy removal of remnants that tend to get stuck on the surface of the film. These sticky residues cause obstructions and lead to problems if not corrected. However, the Liquid Photo Solder resistance ensures that this does not happen, leading to further benefits.

For higher durability, the surface of the film is coated with a material that leads to greater durability and consequent strength. This material also increases the life of the phototool as it keeps these remnants away and prevents photo-resistance.

The Kimoto film is also coated with a thick adhesive which makes sure that the surface of the film is properly attached to the glass. Due to this reason, the Edge Bubble problem is done away with. The process of emulsion becomes extremely important in this respect and the Kimoto film is created in a way that ensures excellence in this respect.

Last but not the least, the Kimoto Film is created in a way that reduces wrinkles and air bubbles. This air-pressured system makes sure that your photographs are produced in the best possible way with excellent quality and state of the art clarity.

Source by Jess To