Keyword Country is a unique free keyword research tool to find profitable keywords. Just type in a keyword & Keyword Country will find you load of keywords for your SEO, PPC and AdSense Campaigns. Keyword Country keeps a close eye on the online industries and discovers most happening keywords even before Search Engines do. Using KeywordCountry for keyword research is just like searching on Google. Yes, you get the relevant keyword results right away with all the details that you need to be successful with AdSense! Just imagine Google suggesting keywords for your website! Well, this is what you will feel while searching keywords via Keyword Country. Keyword Country can help you with these task:

1. Basic Keyword Research (Network Search):

Just type in a keyword and Keyword Country will fetch you a huge list of keywords, which will be sorted by profitability along with other alternate keywords that your audience is searching for. This mode of keyword research is database powered. Keyword Country claims to be the world’s biggest keyword database and displays useful information like:

· Google Searches
· Yahoo Search Volume
· MSN Search Volume
· Advertisers on Google
· Yahoo Advertisers
· MSN Advertisers
· Google Competition (inanchor intitle)
· Yahoo Competition
· MSN Competition
· Google Clicks
· AdSense EPC (estimated)
· Google Max CPC
· R/S Ratio (Google, Yahoo, MSN)
· KEI Ratio (Google, Yahoo, MSN)

Since the data is too much to look at, an advanced search can help you narrow down the huge keyword lists to get the exact keywords you want. Besides keywords and their data, the related keywords list is quite useful and you often get new ideas for niches to target and content ideas that can help you tap into the audience that you are trying to target.

2. Realtime Keyword Research:

This is another mode of keyword research and is even more powerful than network keyword research. It not only extracts keywords from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask but also gets keywords from KC’s Network Search and, most importantly, it reverse engineers any industry’s top 100 high ranking websites for each keyword in the list. It also extracts niche keywords that those websites are targeting to rank high and tap traffic out of search engines. This type of keyword research easily finds new born keywords that industry is using actively but that free keyword tools like those offered by Google, Yahoo and MSN will take around 2-6 months to show and will only show if the keyword is able to make to their top 100 or 150 most searched keyword lists.

Realtime Keyword Research:

· Blocks junk keywords
· Filters duplicate keywords
· Keeps the keyword list laser targeted
· Clusters the keywords in ready-to-go format
· Gives you a great amount of control on your keyword research

3. Stealing Competitor’s Profitable Keywords- Site Analysis

This is a very powerful tool and I couldn’t find anything similar to this tool anywhere on the web that comes even close to KC’s Site Analysis. It lets you practically reverse engineer the SEO strategies and PPC campaigns of your competitors. It can detect the search engine keywords (paid or non-paid) that are responsible for up to 96% of traffic to any given website. Just load up your competitor list in Site Analysis and Keyword Country will rip all the keywords that your competitors are using on their pages, along with the HTML tag details in which they can be found.

For SEO:

· Finds keywords that are common between all top rankers
· Finds the LSI matches they are using
· Finds Low competition / high traffic keywords
· Details of other niches that they are focusing on

For PPC Advertising:

· Analyze landing pages and extract profitable keywords out of them
· Profitable AdWords keywords that they have found profitable after spending thousands of dollars on market research Site analysis even lets you analyze your own content before making it public to search engines to ensure that the keywords for which you are optimizing your content are actually there in your content.

4. Semantic Keyword Research/ Related Search Terms: This keyword research lists all the LSI terms or semantically related keywords of a given keyword. These are the keywords that you need to include in your web pages to naturally rank higher on search engines. Keyword results come with ‘Search Volume Estimates’, which make it easier for you to judge the keywords to go for. Additionally, it also allows you to further dig your keyword deeper in Network Search or Realtime Search.

5. Keywords Research in 32+ Languages: Keyword Country is the only keyword engine that gets you keywords in French, Spanish, Dutch, German and 32 other languages (and does it the right way). Foreign language support options enhance your keyword digging reach and allow you to generate your keyword list in languages other than English. This is ideal when your audience speaks multiple languages and lets you target non-English speaking regions.

6. Mispellings Keyword Research: Misspellings are the keywords that are cheaper to buy for AdWords campaigns and less competitive to achieve top search engine rankings. Keyword Country covers more than

8 sources of misspellings including mobile search misspellings and popular misspellings of English and 31 other languages. Here you can find many keywords that have less competition, considerable traffic, are cheaper to buy and easier to target.

7. Niche Keywords Brainstorming with Keyword Map Keyword Map sorts the keywords in a directory structure that helps you find the most popular niches that are driving traffic to your industry. It helps you uncover popular niches that are related to your main keyword but you are not targeting right now. A good amount of traffic flows towards these niches and the level of that increases every single month. It gives you excellent ideas on which you can build content and increase your website traffic and helps you discover many new opportunities. It is ideal when you are looking for new niches to compete in. Strengths:

1) Its not a Keyword list or keyword software, it’s a Keyword Search Engine.
2) Highly relevant keyword results that work. And all this, within a few seconds!
3) Displays everything you need to be successful with AdSense

· Maximum CPC
· Estimated EPC
· Number of Sponsors
· Number of Clicks per month
· Profitability rankings
· Number of competitors
· Traffic on Overture
· Traffic on Google (estimated)
· KEI Analysis, R/S Ratio

4) Gives you access to:
· Most searched keywords that exist on planet earth
· Most clicked keywords
· Most high paying keywords
· Most low competition high value keywords
· Anchor texts that work

5) Equips you with three unique searching tools – Basic Search, Price Range Search, and Advanced Search.

6) Provides you with lots of Niche Keywords from 600,000 industries.

7) Provides Keyword Map that comprises of hosts of categories such as Arts, Computers, Health, Games, News, and Society. Helps you brainstorm for new topic and research out new topics for your existing website.

8) Gives you amazing niche keywords.

9) Good for AdSense as well as affiliate websites.

Weak Aspects:

1) Database conks out at times, but the frequency has reduced tremendously.
2) Keyword map can be quite confusing because of its depth.
3) Does not allow any keyword additions to database.

This tool is well worth investing in, the functionality of Keyword Country is unmatched and puts it in a league of its own for researching keyword phrases, it is the most complete keyword tool in the market and should be the first choice tool for SEO conscious web developers.

Source by Senpai Deidera