Deep in the heart of African safari country, Kenya is everything you ever imagined the dark safari continent to be, its very name conjures up pictures of vast herds of elephant lumbering over the rolling, and grassy safari plains beneath the shadow of snow capped safari Mount Kilimanjaro.

For many, Kenya is synonymous with big game safari-and for good reason. With a land area almost two and half times that of United Kingdom(582,600sq km or 255,000sq miles) the safari country has more than fifty safari national parks covering 8 per cent of its territory roughly a third of the size of England Many of its parks are known worldwide: Masai Mara safari game reserve with its countless varied fauna Amboseli national park at the foot of Kilimanjaro; Tsavo west and Tsavo east national parks for its huge number of elephants; Lake Nakuru National park for its clouds of pink flamingos. The premier destination in Africa Kenya offers the possibility of observing and capturing (on film) virtually all the large safari animals’ species of the continent.

The safari Big Five- namely buffalo, elephant, leopard, Lion and rhinoceros are more numerous in Kenya than any where else. And they are not alone. You are also likely to come across other safari animals like cheetah, troops of baboons and packs of hyenas, yawning hippopotami and graceful giraffes, wart hogs bounding away with their stiff bristly tails in the air zebras and thousands of antelopes, great and small. If you’re really lucky, you may get the chance to watch the safari big cats hunting prey or see the momentous annual migration of the wildebeests. In summer a vast herd of over a million animals tramples over the savannah of the Masai Mara in search of new grass .As the first animals cross the river impelled by the moving hordes coming up behind the crocodiles lie in wait ready for a tasty meal after a long fast.

Types of Best African Kenya safari include

Kenya wildlife safari

Kenya beach safari

Kenya sport safari

Kenya adventure safari

Kenya scenic safari

Lie of the Kenyan land

Straddling the equator and a cornerstone between the safari shores of Indian Ocean and lake Vitoria Kenya has two distinct sides to its character shaped by the circumstances of its history and geography. On the one hand the area along the coast constantly absorbed and adapted to foreign influence ever since Arab navigators landed there in 8th and 9th centuries. But the mystery interior remained in the hands of local tribes’ right up to the 19th century undisturbed apart from the murderous incursions of slave trades .it is here in Kenya, on high plans and along the Rift valley Kenya that most of the Kenyan national parks and Kenyan game reserve are found today .it’s virtually impossible to define a natural unity; Kenya is made up of a veritable kaleidoscope of fascinating landscapes and personalities

Some of the top Kenya animal safari sites, spots and Kenya national parks are

Masai Mara National park

Amboseli National park

Tsavo National park

Mt Kenya National park

Samburu National Park

Lake Nakuru National park

Aberdare National park

Meru National park

Nairobi Kenya National park

Lake Naivasha Kenya

Hells gate National Park

A visit to any of the above Kenyan national safari parks is guaranteed to provide unforgettable memories. You will have countless opportunities to observe wildlife

Source by Joe Maina