Most of us have seen and heard about the new Disney Pixar Brave movie that is scheduled to be released in June of 2012, but what many of us did not know is why the Disney Pixar Brave movie is so important.

Although most people are just expecting the usual great movie from Disney Pixar, there are a few of the Disney executives that have high expectations of a blockbuster movie and will not be very happy if it is not.

Due to a reported major monetary loss on the movie “John Carter” which was released on March 9, 2012, Disney Pixar is looking for a little teenage red haired heroine to help right this tragic wrong that not only dwindled their bank account, but also put a tarnish on the good name of Disney Pixar.

The John Carter movie loss was an approximate $200 Million Dollar loss and was one of Disney’s biggest flops (if not the biggest).

This major loss may be what was responsible for making Rich Ross (Head of film making studios at Disney) resign after only a couple of weeks of the new movie’s opening,

A $200 million dollar loss for the everyday average Joe is really a lot of money, but for Disney Pixar, $200 Million is like front pocket change, but what most people don’t think about is that it is “The Reputation” that is at stake.

The reputation of Disney movies has always been excellent and more than polished, but after John Carter, the Disney name has a tarnish on it, and Disney is in hopes that the new movie Brave will not only win back some of that lost money, but also some of those lost movie fans.

I personally think that Disney will be just fine and that the new movie Brave movie will be a blockbuster worldwide. I also believe that the Brave movie will prove to be one of Disney Pixar’s greatest movies ever.

The way I see it, not only will Merida (the star) save the kingdom in the movie, but she will also shoot the financial Demon Bear that is hanging over the good name of Disney.

Disney Pixar’s Brave is going to be the Best Disney movie of 2012 and possibly one of their best movies of all time.

It’s hard to tell if Merida can actually defeat the Demon Bear in the movie, but if she can, and she brings in the viewers to the box office, then this little long curly red haired teenage girl will not only be known as the heroine of the Brave movie, but also the heroine that saved face for Disney in the real world.

Source by Mike Hutcheson