Internet marketing (IM) in simple is defined as “using the worldwide web to promote your company, products and services online” This strategy is widely used by the companies all over the globe to promote their products. Do you know the reason why companies are choosing this strategy to promote their products? The answer is very simple. It’s giving the companies greater revenue and sales than any other method.

Companies are spending thousands of dollars in advertising in Television, Radio and Newspapers. It’s estimated that even a small-scale company is spending Hundred Thousand Dollars for advertising in media per month, but the results they are getting are very poor. So companies are showing much interest in this method since it’s offering them greater revenues with low capital.

Have you ever heard of the terms like Article marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, B2B Marketing and Pay-Per Click Marketing? I believe you might have heard of atleast some of these if not all. All these are children of Internet Marketing, to be precise all these are techniques used in Internet Marketing. All these mean the same Increasing you and yours product presence online to get greater revenues.

The greatest asset in the Internet Marketing scenario is Global Exposure. If you advertise your product in websites which get higher traffic, your product will get exposed to wider audience. Since your product is exposed to higher number of audience you will get higher conversion rates. Higher conversion rates imply higher profits. That’s it. The strategy is simple.

Here we are presenting a Unique Six Step guide which will enhance your Online Success. Please read it carefully.

Step 1:- There are hundreds of different strategies and techniques like Article marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, B2B Marketing, Pay-Per Click Marketing, Ad placement, Link Building, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the list continues and goes on Endless. You should be able to choose the correct strategy/strategies or combination of the above mentioned techniques which can be used online to enhance your’s company’s growth and revenue. Selecting the right method to promote your company and product is the most important issue.

Step 2:- The second step is to select the appropriate target/hotspot in your website. This is very important because you might have heard about the Pareto’s principle (The 80/20 Rule). This rule states that 80% of the results will be produced by only 20% of employee’s and the remaining 20% of the results will be produced by 80% of the employees. Similarly 20% of your products will generate 80% of the revenue and remaining 80% of the products will generate 20% of the revenue, this is because 20% of your products will generate 80% of the traffic and remaining 80% of the products will generate 20% of the traffic. So you should be able to decide which is your best product and should be prepared to target that product.

Step 3:- The third and vital step is to select the proper keywords. You should be able to research the most popular and searched terms and phrases used by your costumers online to search your product. Keyword Suggestion tools like Overture and Word tracker will make your work easier. This step will determine how successful you are and it shows direct impact on your traffic and revenue. If you are unable to select proper keywords you will definitely loose Thousands of visitors searching for your product based on that keyword. So, if you are losing visitors, you are losing your conversion rate this means you will be losing Tons and Tons of revenue.

Step 4:- The fourth step is to optimize your website for the keywords you selected. This is because there will be thousands of your competitors competing for the same keywords, so poor optimization of your site will result in lowering your rankings in search results. If you get lower rankings in the search results the same story will repeat again i.e., you will loose traffic, sales and revenue. You should be able to perform both On-page and Off- page optimization for your website. If you find it difficult hire a person to do so. Believe me this is going to very important step. If you neglect it all the hard work you done will be lost.

Step 5:- The fifth step is the look and feel of your website. Adopting some great looking structures and themes for the website also plays its part. Even though content/products are king, the user should not get bored or distracted by the design of your website. Your website design should be pleasant enough for the visitor and this is what which will help you in making your visitor into a returning visitor. Remember Returning visitors are Very crucial for companies so that they can sell some more products for the costumer to increase their sales. The costumer will also be willing to buy some more products from you since your service is great and you are loyal to them.

Step 6:- The Last and the sixth step which can lead to your success is maintaining all the above five steps. Internet is always changing, things which worked today might not work tomorrow. So you should be able to know what are the things happening around the Internet world and you should be able to tweak your website according to the changes. Even sometimes you should be able to change your complete strategy and start from the beginning. So monitoring is also very important.

By following all these six steps you could make your efforts fruitful and success in your field with flying colors. Hope this guide helps you and brings you the success you need.

Source by Gurram Bharath