Article marketing is amazing, it’s glorious, it’s the Holy Grail, it’s the fountain of youth, it’s the ultimate…

I think you get the point. Guess what? Article marketing is only as good as the weakest link in the chain of steps in your marketing process.

You’ll hear how important the title is, how if you don’t write a title that catches the eye of your readers, or entices them to want to read more, no one will read your articles.

Then you will hear how you have to write a quality article, because if the reader falls asleep in the middle of your article, they will never get to the resource box and find out how to get to your website.

Also, we are reminded over and over how if you don’t have a call to action in your resource box, your reader will forget that they want more information and they won’t click the link to your website.

Oh, I almost forgot, you have to have keyword rich content.

Little did we know that it was the search engines not Sky Net that started thinking for itself, which resulted in the building of Terminators, because too many people were writing articles just for humans and not doing their part to keep search engines happy by providing “keyword” rich content.

I guess, what I am trying to say is, I would rather have 500 mediocre articles with so-so titles, and OK resource boxes with half the number of keywords that I should have than 1000 perfect articles written by an article marketing god if the 500 went to a page that captured the names and emails of the readers, and the 1000 went to a crappy website, or worse, an affiliate link.

Can you imagine how much more opportunity you have to market to that hard earned prospect if you get their name and email address, then if they click through and decides not to buy something today?

Do you think cliché sayings like, “The money is in the list” get started because there is no truth found in these statements? Let me be the one to inform you otherwise. The “money” IS in the “list.”

Just use a little common sense, if I offered you one chance to sell me your product or, I offered you 10 opportunities to sell me your product, which would your prefer? This is, by the way, a rhetorical question.

All I am trying to say is, if you want to become the legend of article marketing, the guy or gal that goes down in history as the first household in the world with its own Gross National Product, capture the names and emails of the people who click on the links in your resource box.

This will generate more opportunity than just about anything else you do. Let me just finish with one little example that might be the thing that fills your ears with the sounds of perpetual cash register rings. What if you just asked everyone who gives you their name and email address, why they clicked your link? What were they looking for? Then do something really crazy, give it to them.

Source by Dan Iverson