Internet marketing article writing is a subject close to my heart. Since I started doing internet marketing I started writing articles. After all, it is a great way to promote your business. Not only is it free, but once you write an article and submit it to the proper channels, this is content that will stay indefinitely on the internet, unlike ads, which usually expire in a certain amount of time.

People write articles to promote products. It is a very easy way to advertise on the internet. You usually submit your article with at least one link to your product or website and submit it to article directories and social bookmarking sites. Doing this will distribute your article over the internet into hundreds or thousands of sites. Articles are picked up by the search engines and are listed under the organic searches. So it is a very practical marketing strategy.

Another advantage of writing articles is that anyone can publish your article on their website. They must always show you as the author and publish your author resource box along with your link. In this way you can get free traffic from other websites as well.

Internet marketing article writing is a topic that is frequently discussed in forums and blogs. There are many different strategies that are used in internet marketing article writing, and people are constantly giving their insights and discoveries regarding the newest search engine trends.

There is a world of knowledge about internet marketing article writing. It is not just writing the article. Here are some of the things to consider in order to write an effective internet marketing article:

1. Keyword research. Even before you write the article, the first thing you need to do is keyword research. Use a keyword tracking tool to help you find words in your niche that you can use in your article. These words ideally have high traffic and low competition.

2. Backlinks. You always have an author resource box at the end of your article with a link back to your website or product. This is the way you use your article to promote your business. Some article directories allow more than one backlink. Check each directory before submitting your articles and find out their guidelines.

3. How to set up your keyword(s). There is a certain way to place your keyword within your article that is favored by the search engines. Always have your keyword in the title of your article. Mention your keyword once in your first sentence, and bold it. Then mention your keyword a second time close to the first paragraph and underline it. You should also mention your keyword in the first line of the last paragraph. Also mention your keyword in your article summary. You can also sprinkle your keyword throughout the paragraph, at no more than a 2 percent ratio of the total words. So, for a 400 word article, figure mentioning it no more than 8 times. The main thing is that your article reads well and has good content.

4. Targeting your prospects. The more targeted the article the better. When someone clicks on my link at one of my articles they will ideally be looking for something that I am offering that they want. So my link has to offer this solution for them. The website or product that I am taking them to needs to be clearly the solution indicated in solving a certain problem presented in the article. The call to action should be strong and make the sale so that they will want to click on the link.

5. Submitting your article. In order for the search engines to find your articles you need to submit them to various directories and other online submitters. In my opinion, the best article directory is, where you can pay a small membership fee and get by far the best service and article marketing education of all. EzineArticles is another very good membership directory. I always make sure to submit my articles to these two directories as well as GoArticles. There are also social bookmarking sites, such as Delicious, Digg, and Technorati, where you can post your articles so that anyone can go and find them under specific subjects or “tags”.

Internet marketing article writing is an art. With time you can improve all these strategies and learn to be more effective. It can really become a lot of fun as you track the progress of your article writing skills and see your articles gain rank in Google and the other search engines. And of course, the better you get at it, and the higher you rank, the more chance to explode your internet marketing sales.

Source by Cristina Santeiro