Tranquillising vistas of hills environing three sides with water, the immaculate white sand beaches, soothing touch of cool breeze, soaking up the sun, and the spectacle of breathtaking sunset across the horizon – the indescribable natural grandeur of San Francisco makes for a wonderful retreat to rejuvenate the senses.

Besides, holidays to this entrancing city are about treating the palate with scrummy cuisines, satiating the temptation of shopping, and delighting the senses with awe-inspiring art, and spell-binding music. Charismatic San Francisco is a must-add destination in the itinerary of travellers booking tickets to USA. Read on and get the notion about all one can do for feeling the same way!!

Golden Gate Bridge

Witnessing the world-class Golden Gate Bridge is a must-do thing for all those grabbing tickets to San Francisco. The sights of this renowned bridge fill the heart with immense awe and admiration. Popular as an unparalleled engineering wonder of the modern world, Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco to Marin County. The bridge is one of the five bridges that span the Bay and offers heart-stopping views of the shimmering city. The sheer might of this majestic structure can be revealed with a leisurely walk or drive across the bridge.


Don’t miss the unique attraction of San Francisco – the Alcatraz. It stands on the island situated in the middle of San Francisco Bay. The former prison is notorious for incarceration of infamous criminals of United States. Alcatraz remains on the visit list of thousands of tourists booking cheap tickets to San Francisco. The prison is also known as “The Rock” and is popular for its legendary stories, particularly made popular by the 1996 action film of the same name. Alcatraz is now a part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Visitors can take up the recorded cell-house tours to this fascinating place.

Cable Cars

Network of century old cable cars are the only mobile National Historic Landmark in America and the major attraction of the city. Cars operate along three routes. Ride the majestic cable cars and experience the spectacular views of the city as well as its wonderful transportation. Explore the Cable Car Museum exhibiting remaining cable car barn, powerhouse, cable-winding machinery and much more. A visit to the museum completes the cable car experience in San Francisco.

Union Square

If shopping gives you peace, then head to Union Square. This high-end shopping district is the heartbeat of the city. The place is affluent with largest collections of retail stores, art galleries, and salons. Check out the major department stores here and pick the exclusive top designer brands including Burberry, Calvin Klein and Wilkes Bashford, Chanel, Armani and other labels that vie for shopper’s attention. Union Square is a popular shopping option among all the holidaymakers who buy cheap tickets to USA.

Source by Shawn Trelly