Igor is an excellent movie, with much to be learned from its content. It has a very dark atmosphere throughout the whole movie, which my not be very pleasing for some. If you can get over the presentation of the film, it is a great way to spend a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes. Some of the life lessons include: the conflict between the good and evil inside of ourselves, the incentives for committing an evil act, and the impact of a simple gift.

Good or evil? It seems like such an easy decision to make. However, when further analyzed, it is actually much easier to commit bad deeds than good ones. One reason is incentives, which I will soon talk about in greater detail. Another reason is a lack of patience. If you decide to commit an evil deed for incentives, it will almost immediately be noticed, and you will usually receive what you are looking for. A good deed may not be noticed by others for quite a long time. It can take years to receive incentives from an act of good (money, etc.). But an act of evil will bring physical incentives almost instantly. The main factor to commit a good deed is moral incentives. The come instantly every time you do something good. However, when you commit a bad deed, they will never show up.

On a similar note, why do the incentives come so quickly? Why did King Malbert create the Weather Ray, and force his people to become evil. It is not because he was an evil person (although he was not exactly good); he was just an extremely impatient person who lacks morals. King Malbert tried to manifest a large fortune in the quickest way possible. When he held the Evil Science Fair each year, he threatened to release an evil invention on his people if he did not receive $100 Billion. What a nice guy! This is because King Malbert knew that people respond extremely quickly to one of their most negative emotions: fear.

In Igor, Eva gives presents to her friends. Igor feels he is in debt to Eva, so he gives her a necklace that has great value to him. The simple act of giving gifts can set a place in someone’s heart. In this case, it did. From this moment in the movie, Igor no longer tried to make Eva into what she was not. A simple gift from the heart can resolve a shaky situation. Tip: Homemade gifts are the most effective, contact me if you need any ideas.

Igor contains some great messages hidden behind a very dark shell, which also contains witty humor and hilarious movie references. Igor is so much more enjoyable when you understand the moral values that are being taught. In the end, evil benefits nobody, because it is the moral incentives that we are all really looking for.

Source by Josh Lipovetsky