In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-actualization is the highest need. However, many people find it easier said than done. Some may enjoy fulfilling responsibilities until they realize that this satisfaction does not extend to them financially. There are also some who feel extremely content with their earnings just to realize that they are not happy with their routine.

With the vast options available in the society wouldn’t it be great to know that you can actually achieve that self-actualization and financial stability all at once in a minimal stress-environment? How about having the latest car model and a dream vacation? All these and more are possible.

The answer is within you. Bring out that leadership and discover how far you can go. As the infamous Art of War by Sun Tzu had said, careful planning is necessary to win the war. In this case, the battle is within us and the society is the factor which you have to consider in your deliberations.

Don’t just be contented with a simple goal. Aim for the highest that you can ever think of. To achieve this you need to have the most powerful goal achievement system to facilitate greater productivity.

If you are an achiever but just can’t visualize how the system actually works, let me give you an overview on how to reach your goal.

Set an objective and time frame. A powerful goal achievement system starts with a clear picture of your objective. What do you exactly want and how far would you really go to get it.

Planning and strategy. Planning is necessary based on the goal that you have set for yourself, however planning is simply theory you will now have to strategically set about to putting those plans into action. You must also always have alternatives to those plans.

Know your SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats). When you are aware of all these elements you will know exactly where support is needed the most and ensure that your new venture supplies it.

Manage Progress. The same way we keep inventing new technologies, your goal doesn’t stop when you achieve one. You must have that feedback on your current performance. Change is constant so you must be flexible enough and embrace change. What’s good in goal achievement system is that it keeps you aiming for higher goals. So, you should learn how to manage progress.

Source by Night N Davies