Do you know how to turn a crush into love? Would you like to take your relationship to the next level? Would you like to turn a flirtation into a love affair that lasts? It’s easier than you think if you do these three things that will turn your crush into love.

Subtlety Let Him Know You’re Interested

You may be having a crush-fest with some guy but you and he don’t know how to take it further. Guys are just as scared of being rejected as women. That’s why some of them hesitate to take the next step to ask for a date.

However, if you let him know you’re open to a deeper relationship by dropping subtle hints, he won’t have any reason to be scared to ask you out.

Casually talk about a movie that’s opening and mention that you want to see it. Tell him about a great club you heard about and that you’d like to check it out. Remind him of an upcoming sporting event that you both are interested in.

Remember, you don’t want to ask him out. You just want to give him an opening that he can step through to ask you for a date without fear of rejection.

Show You Like Him – Warts and All

None of us are perfect and men can be just as critical of themselves as women. Act as if you find his minor flaws endearing. Share some of your own personal shortcomings so he realizes that he’s not alone and that you’re as imperfect as he is. Embrace your imperfections and his and let him know that you like him, warts and all. Make light of your shortcomings and explore how you can help each other to turn bad habits or behavior into positive assets. And by doing this together in a light-hearted manner, you can quickly take the feelings of a crush and turn it to love.

Don’t Rush to the Bedroom

It’s easy to be tempted to up the ante of your relationship by sleeping together, but that just puts a pressure on you both that you don’t need if you want your crush to turn to love. By sleeping together too quickly, instead of the crush turning to love it can just as easily turn to lust. And early lust isn’t automatically a stepping stone to love. Develop your common interests. Enjoy shared experiences. Become his friend before you become his lover. Anticipation is a great aphrodisiac that can help you to get to know each other better and develop deeper feelings. This way when you finally do have sex, it will be more meaningful. As anyone can tell you, good sex, even great sex, is always better when you have it with someone you love.

With a little patience, timing, caring and sharing, you can easily turn a crush into love.

Source by Tina L. Jones