Internet marketing is the process of promoting a certain product, service, or business over the web. It is actually a long and tedious process of promoting affiliate links, creating traffic, and sending over leads to the main website. If you do it right, you’ll be able to gain profits out of your chosen internet opportunity.

There are many techniques developed over time to boost internet marketing. Sear engine optimization is the primary strategy of most internet marketers these days. And there are many other techniques under search engine optimization. One of its main elements is link building.

Link building is a technique wherein you are going to distribute your website’s link over the internet. And again, this strategy has many techniques under it. You can distribute your web address in web directories, article directories, and other people’s blogs, even. However, the newest way to build links for your site is through social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is a relatively new principle in website promotion. And as everybody knows, website promotion is the best technique in internet marketing. As you promote your website, you are promoting your product’s position as well. To promote a site through these sites, you just have to tag a certain page of your website over the sites that offer social bookmarking.

Such sites are, Blink, and Furl. These are the most popular social bookmarking sites today and the better news is that it is free to sign up for each of them. The concept behind social bookmarking is that the more people tags your website, the more additional links you have in favor of your search engine rankings.

In social bookmarking sites, it is easy to send friends you saved sites and show them the things that are interesting enough for their profession, lifestyle, or their hobbies. These sites make it easier for people to share the good stories they stumble upon the internet to their friends. These sites eliminate the need to send emails to another person, which can be sometimes left ignored.

The whole idea behind social bookmarking sites is to have as many people as possible to tag your site. The more individual users saving the URL of your site in the public, active folders, the more links you have. But more than that, you also enjoy better traffic because there are higher instances of people finding your site and being directed to it. The more traffic you enjoy the better leverage you’ll have for your internet products.

Social bookmarking sites are yet another addition to the increasing need of people to find as many prospects as possible. The concept of such linking was developed after live bookmarks were released. The goal of these two link promotion strategies are relatively the same. The only notable difference between them is only the fact that social bookmarking works a little better because it works both in your individual work station and over the internet as well.

If live bookmarks only aims to allow a website’s URL to be stored in your computer, social bookmarking goes out of the way to have that page stored in an internet page that is entirely your own. That page would contain all the stuff you found over the internet that you have intentions of using again in the future.

Social bookmarking would eliminate the clutter that you may create under the bookmark tab of your browser. Plus, it is very much easier to find the sites you have saved in a site rather than in the bookmarks folder of your computer. When these two concepts are compared side by side, social bookmarking sites would fair a lot better by many points.

Improve your product’s sales by putting the social bookmarking links under your every post, if you are maintaining a blog site. You can also put it under the content you have in your static website, if that’s what you have. Social bookmarking could easily replace the ‘send to a friend link’ in your site. You don’t need scripting here. Everything is handled by the web 2.0 site of your choice. Your post can be sent to a friend or stored in the user’s personalized page or both, depending upon their choice. And it benefits two ways for you as an internet marketer. The site gets stored for search engine optimization and you also are getting substantial traffic through it.

Source by Nathalie Fiset