Those who are already Google AdSense marketers are aware that there are really instances when they do not obtain the outcomes they are expecting.

To be able to boost the click through ratio, the AdSense publishers may have to transfer the advertisements to different areas on the site.

In this article, you could learn more about Google AdSense – where to place ads on your web page.

There are actually plenty of factors that can be tweaked on Google AdSense in the effort to create more wealth through the Internet.

Among the most basic and most significant is where the ads are placed on the website. The placement of the ads can create a remarkable impact on the AdSense profits.

The so called AdSense specialists and gurus point out an array of advice and techniques about the placement of ads. Yet, there really is no absolute spot that performs most advantageously.

Considering that one website differs from the others, and each web page is set up in different ways, it really does not seem possible to say with utmost conviction that a specific placement will be most beneficial every single time.

With that in mind, however, there are a few recommendations that can be followed to enhance the income results.

1. Above the Fold

This is located at the top portion of the web page. This can be seen immediately without the need to scroll down.

Being a prominent spot on the page, above the fold is a strategic area for an ad to be placed.

The ads placed here can be viewed instantly as the page loads, which means the ads can become visible to every website guest. With this, the visitors become more likely to click the ads.

2. Left Side

Yes, it is not just any sidebar. The ads should be situated specifically on the left rather than the right side.

This concept is derived from the fact that people read the contents from the left to the right. Hence, the brains tend to be more engaged when viewing the left part of the page.

Moreover, people are also more prone to notice the things contained there. In addition, psychologists point out that right-handed individuals usually prefer those that are located on the left side.

Since the majority of the population is right handed, it seems sensible to position the advertisements on the left.

3. Within the Content

Surrounding the ads with the website’s quality content will make them blend naturally into the web page.

This placement avoids making an ad extremely obvious that it repels the potential customers.

When the AdSense ads are harmonized into the web page, the guests will be more apt to discover them, and just let the advertisement content do the selling.

When the ad copy is composed with utmost quality, there really is no need to worry about getting positive results.

Once again, there really is no fixed rule about ad placement in AdSense. Try experimenting different formats and layouts until the desired result is finally achieved.

Source by John Paul Richards