Writing articles and blog posts that are SEO optimized in less than one hour is easier than you think. It just takes a little practice and guidance. Follow the simple formula below and you will be able to create SEO optimized articles and blog posts efficiently and effectively.

Steps that Will Help You Generate New Online Leads by Learning How to Write SEO Articles and Blog Posts

Step #1: Perform Keyword Research. When you are learning how to write SEO blog posts it is essential to begin with keyword research. Type the keyword or phrase into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and see what results get returned.

This research is critical, because it allows you to find what information is available on your topic. It also gives you information on other keywords or phrases that might be less competitive and thus easier to rank in search engines for.

Make sure that you spend no more than 15 minutes doing some quick keyword research.

Step #2: Copy and Paste Good Content. When you are researching your keywords and come across interesting content that you find noteworthy, I typically will copy it into a document.

This allows me to quickly reference content that I want to expand on for my article. This technique has really helped me learn how to write blog posts, because it give me starting point to focus and expand on.

It’s no secret that a majority of the content on the Internet is not new. It’s recycled and rewritten in an interesting way to make the content unique. Just make sure that you provide fresh interesting content and you will generate new online leads for you business.


Step #3: Outline your SEO blog post. When you have finished your 15 minutes of keyword research it’s good to outline your article. Take 10 min our so to organize your thoughts.

Start out by using the information you gathered to create an introduction, four or five subtitled sections, and a conclusion or call to action.

Step #4: Write Your Post. After my thoughts are concisely laid out, I start writing each section. I like each section to be between 75-100 words depending on how in-depth I want to get with the content.

Spend 25-35 minutes writing your article from your outline.

I guarantee if you have done the keyword research, gathered some good content, and outlined your article or post, then you’ll be able to have a great post written in an hour or less.

As you learn how to write SEO optimized articles and blogs you will become more proficient at discussing topics succinctly.

Step #5: Perform spell/grammar check. I highly recommend reading your post a few times out loud to ensure that it reads well and there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

Learning to write optimized SEO articles increases organic traffic to your blog or website and more importantly helps you generate new online leads for your business.

Source by Jason T Guzinski