Many web sites these days have been discretely planting articles all over the internet that are not genuine articles, but rather marketing devices for a promotion they are running. While some may consider this to be a disingenuous marketing strategy, it can be a great way to drive traffic to your web site for a promotion you are running.

If you do a Google search for something like “free article aggregator” or “free article listings” you can find a web site that collects articles that have open licenses. These sites basically exist for web developers who need content but cannot yet afford to pay for articles from a payment based content site. If you are running a promotion of some sort, you may wish to whip up a few articles that you can submit to these listing sites. If your articles read well and provide valuable information, people may begin to copy your articles and put them on their site as content, all the while unwittingly driving traffic to your own site. Marketing strategies similar to this are commonly referred to as “viral marketing.” This specific strategy is not in common use, but it is effective enough to consider employing.

There are a few more specific tips to taking advantage of free website promotion article marketing. If you are going to write an article that ultimately points to your own web site, try not to make the article focused entirely on what your site sells or the service your site provides. Begin the article by providing general information, and then specify that your company or web site is one such provider of the product you are promoting. Additionally, this strategy works very well when you include your product as part of a list or as a single step in a how-to guide.

Source by Kenji Brian Sakamoto