Changing, Inventing, and Adapting Words

The art of songwriting includes the art of changing and inventing words methodically for both an aesthetic and communicative purpose. Something you should consider doing in your songwriting or conversations with others is in forming or shaping words to suit your own purposes. Because the English language, like many other languages, grew by the contribution of invented and (via translation) adapted words, you are not limited by a “proper” use of “specific” words. All you need to communicate a lyrical message is utilization of root words. For instance, when a song’s meter does not allow an additional syllable or limits you to a certain number of syllables, what you should do is try altering the word, so that the root word is preserved as in gyration which becomes gyrate. Or base a “new” word on the root word and use it as a substitute so that running becomes run or runs in the same line and context even if it’s “grammatically” incorrect.

This is a very important linguistic approach since it provides us with numerous ways in which we can structure and design words and lyrics to give our listeners carefully crafted messages with which to associate their own memories-whether pleasant or unpleasant. In effect, what we can accomplish is a fusion in the mind of a listener with their specific memories and our music. But the trick is in finding the right words to communicate to them in order to invoke those memories.

Google Trends and AdWords for Songwriters

Here’s another set of tools to help you find the right words is a keyword search tool like many on-line marketers and website designers use to drive traffic to any location in cyberspace. One example of this tool is Google Keywords. Along with a dictionary, a thesaurus, an idiom dictionary, and a book of word derivations, Google Keywords allows you to search words or phrases that people around the world are searching for on Google. It’s easy to use and really all you do is type in a keyword or phrase and the results you receive indicate how popular your keyword or phrases are in relation to similar words and phrases. The results also show a world map which tells you where in the world the word or phrase is most searched for. There are many more features available to you when you use this tool, but this is essentially how it works.

This is such a powerful tool because the popularity or lack of interest in a particular keyword or phrase gives you a kind of snapshot into the thought processes and deepest interests of your fellow man. The real power behind this tool and why it will add potency to your lyrics is because you can tailor your message to the people who are already on-line searching for information, products, services, and other content related to the keywords and phrases you’ve researched. Armed with this information alone you can easily capture small quantities of attention or increased attention from traffic being driven to your song or music website just by using the right words in your lyrics, song title, or song description.

Google Trends is a similar tool to Google AdWords, except that the keyword or subject results are graphically ranked in terms of their popularity, but not with the number of searches. Below you can see a graph comparing the popularity trends for the words “money, love, war, free, and sex.” As you can see “free” and “sex” are extremely popular terms worldwide, even more so than “money” and “love.”

A lot of writers already use these 3 techniques – altering, changing, and adapting words, Google AdWords, and Google Trends – for different purposes, but to achieve the same result. In almost every case, writers all seek to generate attention and provoke reader responses. These are by no means the only tools you should use, but these are very powerful tools that give you an edge over other writers and artists because you can consistently and scientifically attract relevant on-line traffic, traffic that already exists for your message. Even if your message is slightly off from a more highly searched word or phrase, you can easily slant your original word, phrase, or subject towards the more highly searched results.

Having the right words and the skill to use them effectively in your songwriting is a professional characteristic that places you in a league akin to seasoned advertisers, marketers, and songwriters.

A Sample List of Hypnotic Words

The following list is a sample series of words (denoting actions, descriptions, objects, emotional states, people, bodily organs, directions and more) which have been found to possess tremendous value in the life, mind, and language of humanity. These words hold part of the key to a communication’s hypnotic power. All of these hypnotic words can be used in your songwriting in the following ways: in combination or clusters to create various phrases and sentences, as embedded commands strategically placed throughout your lyrics, as individual themes for a song topic, or as key words in your lyrical hooks.

I’m sharing them with you to familiarize yourself with some of the words that are used against you in life and commerce to provoke emotional reactions. As you read over this list, try to think of songs, book titles, conversational topics, and interests you are familiar with or involved in and how these words serve as part of the verbal component to these things.

You, yours, unlimited, ultimate, trusted, surprising, thank you, stop, sensational, secret, take, realize, love, luxurious, imagine, exciting, connection, appealing, at last, because, emergency, comfortable, future, face, moon, complete, deserve, energy, heal, help, incredible, stars, dirt, irresistible, last chance, bed, power, blood, animal, promise, have, refreshing, normal, night, take, come, waste, door, time, relax, eat, problem, satisfaction, save, stay, soothe, try, rich, betray, lose, confusion, hands, stylish, true, wall, kiss, drink, everything, value, God, never, amazing, mouth, imagine, obey, possession, games, hair, hope, sun, attention, wet, steal, machine, action, goodbye, need, gold, fire, move, sound, change, happy, remarkable, hide, hot, parents, create, different, doll, explode, ugly, escape, survive, judge, back, hold, day, agree, always, admire, pleasure, please, hate, crying, perfect, new, asleep, now, money, water, magic, intimate, anger, important, waiting, think, protect, arms, bored, work, wrong, fun, easy, forget, remember, help, idea, amazing, sea, tears, drugs, look, at last, touch, cigarette, doubt, available, be ____, beautiful, best, easy, afraid, fantastic, write, lies, influence, free, clouds, shadow, worry, beg, revenge, magic, accept, smoke, flowers, home, danger, only, opportunity, profit, quick, eyes, receive, taste, right, reveal, want, faith, toy, special, mirror, don’t, kids, destroy, faster, cold, air, dead, invisible, apart, silence, men, women, strong, body, force, people, sad, cruel, nothing, feel, act, pain, talk, believe, play.

Source by Marc Avante