In the last few years the forex niche has become flooded with affiliate marketers all looking to earn a share of this highly lucrative market. Some of these people will inevitably make lots of money, whilst the vast majority will never make a single sale. So what is the best way to successfully promote these forex affiliate programs?

Well there are many ways you can try and get people to buy products through your affiliate links. You can buy pay-per-click ads, advertise on forums, create a website or blog where you review various products or you can do some offline promotion. However the best and most effective way, in my personal experience, is through email marketing.

To get started in email marketing you do of course need your own email list of subscribers. You can build up this list by creating a website or blog and encouraging all your visitors to sign up by offering some kind of incentive.

This is fairly easy to do when you subscribe to some kind of autoresponder service because you just grab the html code for the opt-in form and copy and paste it to your site. All the leads are then viewable in your back office and you can then send scheduled or live messages to all or part of this list any time you want.

This is a great way to promote your forex affiliate programs because if you treat this list well, your subscribers will trust and respect your opinions. So when you do endorse a particular product, you are likely to get a lot of sales.

The general rule is that the bigger the list, the more sales you will make. This is true to a certain extent, but you have to offer plenty of free and useful content as well. If you just bombard your subscribers with sales pitches all the time, you will get plenty of unsubscribers and very few sales because hardly anyone will even bother to open most of your emails.

However the point is that email marketing, when done well, is easily the best way of promoting forex affiliate programs. I have got more sales through this method than every other promotional method that I used combined. So whatever else you do, you have to be making conscious efforts to build your list every single day. If you treat these subscribers well, then you can make lots of sales in the future and this will prove to be your most valuable asset.

Source by James Woolley