It seems that girls just want to have fun. The astonishing popularity of the Walt Disney version of Tinkerbell has endured since the studio released its 1953 film, even leading to a sequel in 2002, almost fifty years after the original. Tinkerbell has even starred in her very own prequel film, so while people may love Peter Pan, the breakout star of the film, thanks to Walt Disney, seems to be the mischievous little pixie. Therefore it stands to reason that little children everywhere are keen to dress up as Tinkerbell on any particular occasion; Halloween, fancy dress parties, parades – you name it. But even if you are determined to give your little darling what they want, what do you have to do to put together a Tinkerbell fancy dress costume?

First of all, it’s worth starting by sitting down with your kids and watching a few versions of Peter Pan. Start with the Walt Disney version, of course, but it’s worth watching the 2003 Paul Hogan live-action film, as well as reading the book. This is a great way for you to get a feel for the character and see what your child really enjoys about the character, which you can then accentuate in the costume.

Next up, you should think about the hairstyle. Sure, it may be the Walt Disney interpretation of Tinkerbell, but the character in the film really is the iconic portrayal of the fairy. There is nothing wrong with being brunette or ginger, but Tinkerbell just isn’t brunette or ginger. If your child is blonde (or if you, as an adult, are dressing up as Tinkerbell), you could have it cut into a pixie-ish bob – Tink has short, bobbed hair, a style which is eminently fashionable today, so it would definitely be a good look for everyday life. However, if you are not wanting to have a haircut, or dye your hair blonde, you can simply buy a wig. Fancy dress shops will have a range of wigs available, so you can easily sort out your hairstyle.

In terms of a dress, you will need a short, green dress. Obviously not as short as Tinkerbell’s actual dress – in the Walt Disney film, she wears a dress that barely covers her modesty. For women and children, this is not a good look – adults, however, could get away with cutting the dress a little shorter if they’re going for a sexy version of the Tinkerbell look. Cut the hem in a jagged pattern to give it a bit of fairy-like authenticity. The fairy doesn’t wear much in the way of accessories or jewellery, so keep it simple – a basic necklace, with stud earrings, particularly pearl-effect ones, or earrings that sparkle. This will help create a fairy-like feel.

Now your costume is almost complete, with just a few extras required to make it a perfect Tinkerbell costume. You could wear a sparkling hairpiece to give the outfit a little bit extra sparkle, or use body glitter to create a shimmering effect. While there is a range of weird and wonderful variations on fairy wings available, keep it simple – the Tinkerbell costume is instantly recognisable; you won’t need to overdo it. A bog-standard pair will suffice, especially as they may well get damaged on a night out. In terms of shoes, adults can get away with green or gold high heels, while children should go for ballet pumps. And there you have it – a perfect Tinkerbell costume.

Source by Robin William Harrison