I enjoy browsing the web and reading articles that others have wrote. As I read the article flows so smoothly and my mind reacts to the words in the article. If I’m doing keyword research or reading an article on the latest trend for Amazon marketing my mind starts traveling and I get energized and start off on my adventure because of the knowledge I gained from the article.

I then start thinking, I could do this as I have a lot of knowledge to share from things I have learned and tried that either worked or it did not work.

I open a Word document all excited that I may be able to help someone else with my knowledge… then it HAPPENS; my mind goes blank. All those great thoughts and the knowledge I have just does not come out. My opened Word document sits there waiting for me to add words to its bright clean work space and to fill it with my thoughts. It will wait patiently for me to write; it does not get cranky or say anything to me like… anytime now you can start writing.

How can my mind be filled with so much knowledge and yet my Word document is blank? I must be suffering from writers block or maybe I have too much knowledge it does not know where to start.

Something I have learned to help me with my own writers block is to make short notes on topics. I use a program called Evernote, it lets me jot notes down, put things in categories this helps me organize my thoughts. I can then start adding additional notes to my original notes and then before I know it I have a collection of thoughts and notes that would create a great article. I just read through my notes processing the information, as I’m reading this sparks other ideas that I did not think of and I add that to my original organized notes.

To put your notes into an article take a section of your notes and read it thoroughly then expand on the section by adding additional information to your original thoughts. Think of questions that may arise from the information you are providing and fill in the details. Share some of your own experiences that you gained from when you first learned the knowledge you are sharing. As you fill in the sections with additional content you will be surprised as to how fast your article will fill in and your writers block has been put on a back burner for a while.

So if you have ever found yourself suffering from writers block just start writing down notes. Then at a later time go back to your notes and read them, your mind will then spark with new energy allowing you to fill in additional knowledge that you can share in article.

Source by Debbie Miller