PS3 games as each person knows are pretty costly. They are available easily but are copy protected. There have been occurrences when people have bought games worth $50 – $100 and the discs have been scratched in a matter of days. Because of not making copies, they either have to give up or go buy the same game again. To avoid such needless problems it is vital to make backup copies of your expensive PS3 games. 

These days ample of game copying software programs are accessible for contemptible prices. They are also very easy to use. Let me explain the entire process of making copies of PS3 games.

After you have settled on which brand of PS3 game copying software program you want to make use of, you can download and install it on your PC. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to do it. Once the program is installed you can go ahead and place in the original PS3 game disc in the CD or DVD drive. Once the disc is in you can start the program. After initializing and starting up, the program will ask you for the location you want the game to be saved at. You must allocate the location and wait for the game to be copied. In this process, the copy protection program on the original disc will be bypassed and the game will get copies to the aimed location. This takes several minutes depending on the size of the game. After the game is copied to you must replace the game disc in the CD or DVD drive with a blank CD. Select the applicable files and burn the CD. Now this CD also contains all the data, which is required for the CD to authenticate itself as original.

Now you have a copy of the game and you can try it in the console. The copied disc will play just like the original one with equally incredible sound, graphics and gaming fun. 

Now that you have understood how easy it is to make copies for your PS3 games you can be rest assured about long continual hours of gaming.

Source by Robert Macmillan