There are many forms of haunting experiences and of course the paranormal. Certainly some of these experiences are more intense than others as well as some being more common than most.

Residual Haunting

This type of haunting is a very common site to see or maybe even just hear. Residuals are typically memories or characteristics of the departed which are believed to be imprinted to the environment.

You might see a jogger running in the park for instance, or see someone cooking in the kitchen or any other kind of activities that some person at some point of time has done.

The residual haunting is not only seen, they can be just heard as well. For example sounds of sword fighting on famous battlegrounds, agonising screams from the tortured souls at Dracula’s Castle and even in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest many have claimed on numerous occasions of hearing voices in the trees telling the living to kill themselves.

Intelligent Haunting

This type of haunting is a full apparition of a living presence and unlike the residual haunting, this spirit is well and truly aware and may even interact with the living.

This goes above just memories and characteristics, these spirits have carried on their personalities too. An intelligent haunting can be very unnerving and some time it’s claimed that these spirits may be aggressive.

Generally it is believed that these spirits will appear to a person of living in order to convey a message or to find someone they were searching for in their former lives.

The film ‘Sixth Sense’ is a perfect example of this form of ghost, where the boy could see dead people but they hadn’t known they passed on and needed guidance accepting this fact to cross over.


Poltergeist are general not visible to the human eye, these spirits like to cause havoc by moving or throwing objects and making a lot of noise.

The theory with Poltergeist is that these spirits were mischievous in their former lives or are generally young to adolescence, but there is much debate whether or not a poltergeist are ghosts or not.

The argument is that when a poltergeist is reported it has often happened to a person with a highly emotional charge and this power can create a strong telekinetic force. In short it is said that the person being haunted is actually the one causing everything to move telepathically.


Demons are seen as something a little different to ghosts, while they are spirits and certainly fall into the category of the paranormal… it is not believed to be a spirit of a former living person.

Due to the varying nature of demonic haunting it is very hard to tell if the haunting is from a ghost or a demon. The demons purpose in the Earth realm is to break down a human’s spirit in order for possession of the body to take place.

A demon is one of the great deceivers much like the devil and will often pose as a lost relative or an innocent looking young child but it doesn’t take long until the demon starts showing signs of evil.

The smell of sulphur is often an indicator of a demon as well as the behaviour of the haunting. Compared to the former living a demon may become irrational and angry as well even causing physical harm to the person they “befriend” such as a hand print or burn mark.

Some other ghost haunts include something known as white noise. This is where you may see or hear spirits through static on the TV or on the radio and unexplained shadow figures.

As the ghostly experiences vary it is hard to determine whether or not you are experiencing a true haunting.

Common traits of a real haunting are things like hearing doors or cupboards slamming, generally heard but not seen by the living, when certain items go missing and reappear frequently, pets behaving strangely without apparent cause, strange perfume or odours in the air, hot and cold spots throughout the house and the unnerving feeling of being watched. Not to mention the smell of sulphur if a demon spirit is present.

Source by Daniel Hardie