1) Introduction:

The Internet has crossed all limits in terms of design creativity. Flash website designs have made it possible to add virtual life to websites. Gone are the days when websites had just plain text. Flash animation website design has added the glamour and attraction quotient to any website.

The use of flash in websites is in accordance with the website content and the area in which it is incorporated. Flash intros are being used for aesthetic appeal for the user. The role of web designers is to create designs in alignment with the expectations of the user, and produce effective layouts and background schemes. Some flash intros are interactive in nature and some exhibit simple clippings about company information.

2) Importance:

Several companies have emerged which provide mature and professional flash designing services so that you can make your presence felt in the World Wide Web. Professional flash design can be very costly; however the option of Outsourcing to India based company much more feasible and provides the same design qualities. Flash website design and development companies from India are the most preferred destination for many global organizations, where they can get high quality, hi-tech flash services at nominal fees.

Flash website design services, when used in combination with content, gives a very polished and complete look to a website, provided they are complementary to each other. However web experts have an ongoing debate over the use of flash and its failure in making a website rank higher in search engines.

3) Tips for placement of flash designs:

Less is always more, holds true for flash animation website design. Its extensive use is a turn-off for both the user and search engines. Also they take much more time to upload, allowing the factor of boredom to creep in. The space on a web page where the flash appears also has an impact on the user. There are certain sections that are exclusively for advertising or banner placement. Therefore avoid placing flash here, or else they might get ignored. Typically the right side of the screen is designated for advertisements or banners, so the left side is a better choice for flash designs.

4) Google’s flash indexing:

Google has figured a way out for flash based websites to get good SEO rankings. The text used with flash design files are used by Google when it creates a summary of your website. Moreover the keywords used in flash files are used by Google so that it matches the words entered in a search box. The URLs of flash files are being fed into Google’s crawling pipeline, in similar patterns as done with URLs of plain text web pages. It would inevitably increase your flash web pages seo visibility.

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