Whether you just want to join for Bollywood dance classes or see this particular style being performed on the stage, it would definitely be a treat for your eyes. You can enjoy an energetic performance that incorporates different dance styles. This conglomeration of different genres is in fact the essence of this performance found abundantly in Indian films. It is easy to understand the significance of the performance. Most Indians would find it difficult to watch an Indian movie that has no song or dance. The Westerners on the other hand have a distinct genre called “musicals” for movies with such performances.

Western and Indian Genres

The various genres that can be found in Bollywood dance include Indian classical, belly dancing, Indian folk, Western pop ‘n’ jazz, Bhangra, Latin, and Western erotic. These influences from other genres on the art form are recognizable from the way this art form has been progressing over the years. Early Hindu and Urdu films showed a major influence of “mujara” or “kathak” performances that were associated with the courtesans. Early South Indian films on the other hand, showed strong influences of Kuchipudi and Bharata Natyam.

Romantic numbers might have earlier been influenced by Indian folk or classical. Later they had vigorous movements and spastic jerks. However, these numbers now have more recognizable moves.

Erotic elements could be seen in Indian films from the year 1932. Earlier, an actress playing the vamp used to handle such performances, now major heroines perform these numbers. The main influence for the modern versions of these performances is the Western erotic dancer.

We also find Bhangra being used time and again in Indian films for particular song sequences. Yet another style seen in Indian films is the “Busby Berkeley” style named after the very talented and powerful Hollywood musical choreographer and movie director. Playful Bollywood numbers incorporating this style would involve a number of female dancers performing with an accuracy comparable to military standards.

Learn Bollywood Dance to Enjoy its Variety and Versatility

If reading about the exciting variety and versatility of the lively Indian dance style in your favorite films has inspired you to learn it yourself, why not? You can search online for dance teachers, institutes or academies that provide classes for children and adults. Some of the things that you can hope to learn at these sessions are:

• Stretching and warm-ups

• Skills to perform alone or in a group

• Facial expressions and hand movements

• How to get your shoulders and hips shaking

• Simple and complicated routines

In addition to the above, you’ll improve in communication skills, self-esteem, confidence, energy, and health.

Bollywood dance incorporates different dance styles. This must be one of the reasons for its great popularity not only in Indian circles, but also at the international level. Let’s hope that this art form would only progress to even greater heights in the years to come.

Source by Alicia Blaze